23 Creepers Tell The Most WTF Thing They’ve Seen Through Someone’s Window

When I was a kid I was fascinated by looking in people’s windows. I stopped short of actually walking around and looking in them, I just remember that during ever car ride I would look for houses with open windows because I thought it was weird that people exist and do things when you’re not around. In the creepier, adult version, there are actually people who look in your windows. Reddit asked them to spill the most WTF-y thing they’ve seen.
D. Sharon Pruitt
D. Sharon Pruitt

1. A threesome

A threesome. I was driving home and some college kids down the street from me had left their living room window open. One guy was sitting on the couch receiving a blowjob from a blonde girl, and she was being rammed from behind by another guy.

I assume they did not see me looking, as I was in a car stopped at a stop sign and they apparently didn’t even know their blinds were open.

2. Answering important anatomical questions

A woman weighing her boobs on some scales. I have no idea if this is a normal thing women do.

3. This pastor’s view…

I teach English privately and I currenty spend ever Monday morning teaching a very nice, polite German Lutheran pastor in her flat. Opposite is a university halls of residence which seems to be girls only, girls who are unaware that I can see straight into their rooms as they get dressed in the mornings if they don’t close their curtains. The nice elderly pastor sits with her back to the window and I often find it extraordinarily hard to concentrate, given all the nudity going on over her shoulder. Last week was a new record: three completely naked girls in different rooms – one of whom was applying some sort of bodycream to her remarkably large breasts. I keep looking for the prank hidden cameras on me.

4. Nude dinner party

My wife and I were walking around this small Quebec town when I noticed four people sitting around a dinner table. There were two men and two women all in their 50s or 60s. All but one woman was completely nude. The last, fully dressed, looked really uncomfortable. Her husband and friends were the nudists, we assumed, and she was not. While acceptable, the awkwardness of it was what we found so funny. We laughed so hard, my sides still hurt thinking about it.

5. Sexy housework

Lived in Uni Halls facing a big block of flats. We were 4th floor. On the 3rd floor opposite was an attractive girl in her early 20’s who used to clean her kitchen wearing nothing but a skimpy apron. She’d get on her hands and knees and scrub the floors and everything. Every time she did it the shout would go out in our flat and we’d all be fighting for positions at the windows.

I like to think she was french.

6. “Masterdancing”

Ok so I saw a neighbour dancing around in his apartment to what I can only assume was The Safety Dance naked, while masturbating a bit with one hand, then stop masturbating to eat some cereal and going back to masturdancing.

7. Stationary boy

This story is more sad than anything else: If i leave my house to go a few friends places and general meet-ups with others, there is one street i always take. There on the corner of a block is a window, that everytime i pass it, i see a boy sitting in his chair, playing games. I would usually see him on friday/saturday. At first he was like 13-14, so nothing quite unusual. As the time passed i saw him get older. Also he was always eating, he always had a bowl of something on his lap. So as he grew up, he also got fatter. When he got like 16ish, the age you start to go out where i am from, he was still there. Every time i walked by him, he was playing games by himself. I’ve always hoped that i might not see him there, but to this day, ~about 5 years now, he always sits there.

8. Shadow boobies

Not through a window but a tent. My buddy and I were walking through a campsite when we were 12 ish. Walked past a tent that had a fire roaring behind it. This cast a perfect shadow of the two people doing it onto the wall of the tent. She was on all fours and he was behind her. This predated acceptable internet porn (you could find stills but they took forever to download and god forbid someone decided to call your house before it was done) so this was pretty much the closest we’d been to the whole sex thing. We stopped and watched for a minute before we left, both never forgetting the look of those shadow boobies bouncing back and forth…back and forth.

9. Awwwww

I saw an older couple ballroom dancing in their living room. It was one of the most optimistic things I’ve ever seen.

10. Wow

My neighbor licking her cats. She has like 5 cats and they are mostly outside wandering around. One day She just licked the cat for like 10 minutes…I couldn’t look away.

11. Autofellatio

I was once walking through a park late at night about 5 years ago. There is a parking lot attached to the park and there was a 1997 red Honda Civic that looked EXACTLY like my friend’s who lived down the street. I decided to see if he was in there.

He was.

Blowing himself.

Didn’t noticed me but him and I are still really close.

12. Santa con

I went on a walk with my parents around Christmas time and we came by a window where a man dressed as Santa was giving a blowjob to another guy who also was dressed as Santa. With white beards, Christmas tree in the background, lights and everything. It was the weirdest thing ever and veeery awkward.

13. More Christmas festivities

Ok, so we have some people over, getting drunk, run out of booze, I go down to the shop to buy more.

On my way there, there’s a really steep sudden hill at the end of the street and there’s 3 people (2 guys, 1 girl) just sitting there in the street drinking a beer and staring intently at this window (it’s nearly level with us, because of the slope). They motion me over, hand me a beer, I sit down, look to see what they are looking at. Some dude with fake reindeer antlers getting a blowjob.

Good beer, good show, not a word was said.

14. Family porn

A neighbor of mine always leave their curtains wide open, you can clearly see their couch on the right and large 50 inch TV on the left. The family that live there is a husband and wife with two young daughters.

I was walking home one night past their house and the curtains were typically wide open so I could see right in. The wife was reading a book, the two daughters were playing on Nintendo Ds’s and the husband was sitting on the edge of his seat watching porn on the large TV.

I actually froze for a second when I saw this, it was like a postcard for a typical family setting… but with porn on the TV.

15. Sexxxie plants

Once I saw something suspicious in a high rise a few streets away from my building. After staring at it for a while, I was convinced that it was a couple going at it. I watched for a while, and was impressed with their stamina. I got really into it, and ended up masturbating while watching them.
The next morning, I looked up and noticed they were still going at it, and in the exact same position. Upon closer inspection, it was a potted plant on their balcony, swaying in the breeze. It had created the illusion of a couple doing it doggy style. Man, did I feel dumb.

16. True love

I once saw a naked couple. they were pretty fat. They were just sitting on the couch. it was funny as a 13 year old, but its kinda sweet to think of now.

17. We’ve all been there

A funny cop story for once.

We go to a noise complaint, a simple one – loud music. It’s too late for blaring music, so we head up to the house, a nice big family home, to knock on the door and ask them to turn it off. By that time, I work out that the song is Nessun Dorma. I started laughing, usually it’s just electronic music or a band playing in a garage, but this was a new one, but this was being played LOUD. I don’t care how amazing the music is, after midnight, it goes way down or off. So I can’t raise anyone at the door. I walk over to the front window where I can see through the venetian blinds.

There is a man, probably in his 40’s, dressed in shorts and nothing else, singing into a wooden spoon while standing on the couch. I probably only caught about 5 seconds of his act before he saw me, but man was he INTO IT. He had the lean going, striking a serious Freddie Mercury pose. I then realised it was actually the Manowar Cover of the song, which, if you haven’t heard it, it’s pretty epic! Right as the song peaks, the poor guy saw me and my partner standing there. He just stood there on the couch with this song belting out behind him staring at me, this utterly terrified look on his face. I was in hysterics, I couldn’t help it. He opened the door, red as red can be, said very calmly, “I’ll turn it down” and walked back inside. We didn’t say a word, we just couldn’t stop laughing. The look was just too good.

18. 20-30 people

At university of florida: In a apartment complex someone left their blinds facing upward a little too open. I walked by and noticed this girl blowing a guy and quietly rounded up 20-30 people. We watched for about 5 minutes as she started to ride him. As they were really getting into it, we all started clapping and cheering. She kept 12 ft in the air running away and he gave us the thumbs up.

19. I guess this really happens

Shortly after being dumped from a long term relationship, a friend drove me and my other friend to Belgium from London. Arriving in some small town late at night we decided to wander out for food. The street we were staying on was very dark with widely-spaced out streetlights, so we could easily see in to the brightly-lit houses. The first one we walked past I caught a peek of a mother and father ballroom dancing around the dinner table with a small kid and baby watching intently. It was one of the sweetest and most touching things I’ve ever seen at one of the most miserable ajd depressing times of my life.

20. Well-rounded hobbies

Saw a guy doing naked jumping jacks in his bedroom, after which he opened the window and played on a flute.

21. Was I a creep?

Was house-sitting for a friend, heard the girls next door talking, glanced out the window. Their house was very close, so I could see in clear as day. Turns out my friends have college girl neighbors, and they had friends over trying on clothes. So there were 4 really attractive girls trying on new shirts and bras, borrowing each other’s clothes, and they each changed at least 10 times. Grabbed a beer, turned off the lights, had a great half hour show. Am I a creep? Yeah, probably. Do I regret it? Nope.

22. My name is Kiss

There was a family in my townhouse complex, the dad had full sleeve KISS tattoos, has kiss decals all over his car also the tag on the car read “kiss73”, and almost everyday wore a kiss band T-shirt. I was going to take the trash out one night and i noticed that all their windows/blinds were open. Upon looking inside, i was stunned to see that their WHOLE house is literally covered in kiss memorabilia. Every single room, covered in kiss posters, art, old records etc. I’ve never seen such a bizarre display of band obsession like that before. The best part was that my roommate met the wife and daughter one day and when my roommate asked the little girl what her name was, she said, “My name is Kiss!” Jesus fucking christ, of course her name was kiss, why would i be surprised.

23. Grandpa…

My friend and I were skateboarding down to the beach in Hermosa Beach, CA, and we saw a family and grandmother sitting with what I can only assume was a taxidermied grandfather dressed as a cowboy. They were eating dinner, and the inanimate grandfather had his plate filled with food. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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