10 Reasons Why Bartenders Are The Happiest People To Be Around

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1. The obvious, they get to drink.

There’s nothing quite like counting tip money over a shift drink, swapping stories with coworkers about what idiocy occurred at the bar that night.

2. They get to sleep in.

Their shifts don’t usually start until afternoon/early evening. So while you have to nurse your hangovers quickly to make it to your early job, your bartender gets to sleep in on their own terms.

3. No traffic on the commute home.

Rush hour means nothing to a bartender. They get the road all to themselves in the late hours of the night/early hours of the morning.

4. They know what it means to work hard.

Being a bartender is a total badass job. It is not for the lazy or easily burnt out individual. That being said, bartenders finish their shifts knowing that they gave their job their all because there is really no alternative.

5. They are the hit of almost any party.

You have to be sociable to be a bartender, especially when you deal with that many personalities both sober and drunk. Not to mention the obvious — they know how to make good drinks. You can ditch the usual mixed drinks around them and let them serve you up something special that doesn’t taste like the sticky floor of a frat house.

6. Drunk people tip great.

For the most part, people get really generous when they’re drunk. They also get kinda bad at math. This in conjunction can make for some great tips. Although, if you don’t tip your bartender, you are a terrible human being and will be cursed with bad luck in the form of a hangover. TIP YOUR BARTENDERS.

7. They get to ring that bell.

You know you’ve always wanted to ring the bell. It’s okay to be a little jealous.

8. They stay in shape.

You’d be surprised at how much you can move in such a small amount of space. It’s a high energy job though so it’s no surprise why bartenders stay fit and on their toes!

9. They know how to be witty.

When you have to speak to as many people on a daily basis as they do, whether it’s a quick interaction or the regulars that want to chat it up like old time BFFs, you start to learn how to be quick with the responses. Not to mention, bartenders generally have to fend off the harmless creeps without sacrificing their tips. Bartenders know how to banter, joke, tease, and charm for that extra few dollars in the jar.

10. They know how awesome they are.

As stated before, it takes a real badass to tuck that towel in your back pocket, roll up your sleeves, and basically host a party for any given number of people. Though they might not always get the admiration and appreciation they deserve, bartenders know how cool they are and what a tough job it is that they do.

Oh also, TIP YOUR BARTENDERS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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