Be The Girl Who Learned How To Let Go

What an unfair paradox it is that the biggest hearts are often the most crowded. When you are someone who can see the good in everything — every person, every place, every situation — it is so hard to find reasons to let them go. You can hold on so tightly to what was good, even when it ceases to benefit your mind, body, or soul. But it’s time for you now. It’s time for you to be the girl who learned how to let go.

It’s time to stop treading in lukewarm water. Take a good look at what you are still clinging too that is weighing you down or keeping you in a loop. It doesn’t mean that these things have become bad, it just means that they have already served their purpose and quite honestly, you do them a disservice by trying to ask them for more. The ones who were meant for a season will still be a part of you once the season is over. They have already left their mark and you will see them in beautiful and unexpected ways. You will hear them between the lyrics of a song, or when someone comments on a mannerism of yours you know you could only have picked up from them. You have to let them go first though, or you will take what could be a small gem in the grand scheme of life and turn it into resentment and frustration. Letting go does not take away from their significance.

If it is something toxic that needs removal from your life, it will help to know that it will never not be toxic. It will never turn into something that benefits you. It will never be what you once hoped it could. And you know what? That’s okay. It still served a purpose so you can let it go knowing that it was not at all a waste of time. However, once you recognize that it is toxic and hold onto it out of comfort, that is when the time becomes wasted. Don’t do that, you’re better than that. You deserve better than that.

Letting go of a place can be the hardest of all because it usually includes memories, people, and an entire environment that you need to move on from. It will feel impossible until you do it. It might even still feel a little impossible after it’s done but that only comes with a side effect of feeling like a badass. It will come with a lot of sacrifice but without sacrifice, you would never gain anything new. Without letting go you would never gain anything new.

Don’t be the girl who can’t touch others only because of the rope burn from holding on too tightly. Be the girl who learned how to let go with such grace that others will follow your example. Be the girl who learned how to let go so that you can evolve into the girl who learned how to get everything she used to be too scared to dream for. TC mark

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