This Is What It Really Means To Accept Yourself (And Others)

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Holly Mandarich

I am exactly who I am. I am not supposed to be any certain way other than more in alignment with who I hope to become. There is no one way to live life – there is no superiority in taste, decisions, religion, race, life choices etc. We respond to our lives accordingly with experience and conscious thought. All I want for myself is to lean into who I am more than ever, and finally allow the person I project on the outside to be one hundred percent a reflection of who I am on the inside.

The judgements others have about me are synonymous with the judgements they have about themselves. The judgements I have about others are synonymous with the judgements I have about myself. Judgements are an illusion and a false protection of the ego. All I want for my ego is to embrace the fact that the way I think about others and the world, and the way others and the world think about me, is meaningless. I don’t need to agree with anyone else about how to live, what to think, how I should feel, what I should want. I don’t need to envy anyone anything because I have everything I need to be myself. I don’t need to convince anyone anything about myself. I need to reveal myself to myself and love others simply because they are who they are.

Love is not a reward for doing the right things or looking a certain way. Love is a given for anyone with a soul and despite what the world will try to teach us, we are all deserving of it. You are allowed to disagree with others, to deny a life that you do not envision for yourself, to resist living in accordance with a dream that is not your own. However, to deny another human heart the kindness and respect it deserves is to rob oneself of the very same thing.

Success is not a compilation of tokens for who is living their life in the closest alignment with what society has told us holds value. Success is living a life that you choose to live each and every day, to wake up with gratefulness in your heart and a clear vision in your mind. It is allowing yourself to feel what you are afraid of, which is surprisingly much less painful than trying to ignore it and suppress it. It is to go on living despite those fears and to give yourself permission to take what you want. Success is not feeling guilty for wanting things that others have convinced you that you should not want or don’t deserve. The only person that can show you what you want is yourself once you silence the world and listen.

You are exactly who you are. You are not supposed to be any certain way other than more in alignment with who you hope to become. Let others show you who they are, and let them be who they decide to be. Different destinations come with different maps. Comparison is therefore not only a waste of time, but a surefire way to get lost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Let go or be dragged.

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