8 Signs You’re Not Failing In Life As Much As You Might Think

Imani Clovis

1. You are not where you want to be

This might seem like it would be a downside to your current situation, but it’s not at all. It means you recognize areas in which you want to grow. Pursuing perfection is a catch-22 because if we ever were to attain it, our lives would stagnate. You are not where you want to be but at the very least, you know you want to make a change. You might not know exactly where you would like to be, but recognizing that it isn’t right here is a start.

2. You have a “Team You”

Even if this is a small team, like you and your mom or significant other or whoever, you have a small team of people who are 100% for you and your success. Maybe you don’t always agree with them, but you know they always have your best interest at heart. These are the people you can call at 2 a.m. if you need to, who would notice first if you stopped answering your phone, whose opinions actually matter. Typically, they go overlooked because they’re like the referee in a game – they’re doing their job so well that you sometimes forget they’re there. Appreciate, grow, and love with your team.

3. You have outgrown a group of friends, a relationship, a job, a town, etc.

This can feel extremely lonely albeit necessary. Look back on your life though and notice how much better things get right after such a dramatic change. I bet you can laugh about at least one thing you were worried about in middle school because you outgrew that problem once you gained some perspective. It’s likely that this point in your life will serve the same purpose when you look back in ten years.

4. You feel like you don’t fit in

Not fitting in is tremendous news. It feels uncomfortable for sure, like overdressing for a party. But at the end of the day, you’re the flyest looking one in the room. Or maybe you’re the most creative, or know the most about science or politics. Maybe you’re the only one in a committed relationship, or maybe you’re the only single one. Either way, you are on this long beautiful path carved out just for you. If that doesn’t make you feel better think about this; I’m pretty sure Beyoncé doesn’t feel like she fits in either.

5. You have the basic needs of survival

Much like our team, this goes overlooked because we are so used to having it. You have a device to read this on, you have a warm place to sleep tonight, you have food in the fridge. Objectively, you are doing just fine.

6. You have the means to change your environment

This is the most resisted form of awareness, especially in times of unhappiness. Changing your environment does not need to include changing where you live. It begins with what you consume in your free time. If you switch up from watching reality TV every night to listening to motivational speakers, change reading celebrity gossip to self-improvement articles and books, and even so much as switch up your music from negative messages to positive ones you have just drastically changed your environment for the better. This can work with people too. Opt for solitude over company that makes you feel like you are in any way damaged, stupid, or less of a person. You will thrive in the right environment so if it is not given, create it for yourself.

7. You have a body that is capable of moving, growing, loving, thinking, and enjoying life

That is what your body is for. It’s not for scrutinizing. Stop giving your money and attention to the media magicians. While you’re looking one way, they’re thinking of a way to get your money for something else that’s “wrong” with you. You’re fine, really. Take care of your body because it’s your vehicle for enjoying your life, not so that you can hate yourself for not being thin or thick or muscular enough.

8. You have the means to enjoy something you like today or next weekend or whenever

Stop waiting for special occasions as an excuse to celebrate. Your whole life is a special occasion because it is a miracle you are even here. Give yourself some perspective, relax about the petty nonsense, and just enjoy the ride. You’re not failing in life as much as you might think. TC mark

Let go or be dragged.

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