We’re Meant to Be


We’re meant to be. When you read that, I’m sure you think of it romantically. For the most part, I do too, but one of the many lessons I have learned in 2016 (which fortunately has been a lot, I might dedicate another blog post to this entirely) is that there are more things in this life that are “meant to be” besides romance, which is a romantic idea itself.

Whether your interests lie in the sciences, arts, math, whatever, one thing these all have in common is that they are no stranger to patterns and repetition. “History repeats itself” So listen closely.

There are parts of life that really suck. Duh, right? But take a moment and really think about where these sucky parts of life have lead you.

We are meant to be heartbroken and laid off and turned down. We are meant to fail and fail again. We are meant to feel alone and to make mistakes that we have made before. We are meant to fall out with people that once meant “the world” to us and we are meant to experience gut wrenching pain for various lengths of time. We are meant to feel insecure and doubt ourselves and to feel like we finally caught a break just to fall off the top of the mountain we worked so hard to climb. We are meant to bend and break. We are meant to break up and cry and remarkably miss the person we despise.

But, there is hope yet!

We are also meant to overcome. To mend failed friendships or even relationships (provided they aren’t toxic – another possible blog post). We are meant to surprise ourselves with success despite our crippling self doubt. We are meant to take the dirt thrown at our names and use it to grow flowers. We are meant to find that ounce of clarity in our lives as to who is really on our team. Sometimes it might be meant to be that we are our own best friend, coach, and teammate in one, and this is meant to make us more of ourselves. It’s even meant to be that we heal twice as strong after being broken one too many times.

We always have the choice to let people convince us who we are, or we can define ourselves. Of course, it’s easy for me to sit here and type this all up and quite frankly I need to put it into practice myself. There are many times I feel completely and utterly useless. But I’ve learned that it’s these times especially that I need to remind myself that I am meant to be.

We are all meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Let go or be dragged.

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