7 Obnoxious Questions That Young Moms Get Asked


Ever been asked a really stupid question? Has it been super personal? And asked by a complete stranger? I’ve been asked several on various trips out with my baby girl. Some more frustrating than others, but I shake my head at every single one!

1. “Is she yours?”

Pushing my daughter around the mall and having people comment ‘She’s so cute! Is she yours, or…?’ You would never think to ask a middle aged woman if that baby she’s holding is hers or not! Not only is it none of your business, but you are in fact being super rude. I know I’m young. Get over it.

2. “Where’s your baby daddy?”

People will always ask about the whereabouts of her father. Uh, I don’t know, at home? At work? Would you like me to call and find out his exact location? It’s the middle of the day, and last time I checked I didn’t need him to escort me every where I go. Yes, I know lots of teen dads don’t stick around, but guess what? Just because I’m barely out of my teens doesn’t mean he is. It seems that looking like a teen mom automatically means it’s appropriate to ask me questions you’d get slapped for asking someone twice my age.

3. “How are you handling things? I know its hard especially since you’re so young.”

Thanks for caring. Really. But I’m handling just as well as any other new mom, you don’t have to check every 5 minutes. I swear I’m not bringing my newborn to some frat party and leaving her in the corner. She does know a couple of cool party tricks though. Guys in their 20’s are still into poop right?

4. “Was she planned? Or was it a mistake?”

First off, never call my daughter a mistake. Ever. We might not have planned to conceive a baby, but we certainly made the decision to have her. I believe that a good percentage of kids born were unexpected pregnancies. If I had been 10 years older we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

5. “Do you wish you could go back and change it?”

Not for the world. Someone actually having the nerve to ask this question just about kills me. I’d like to go back in time and ask your mom the same question. I’m sure she resents raising such an insensitive prick.

6. “But what about your future?”

What about it? Is there anything that I can’t do just because I have a baby? I don’t think so. Look at it this way, at least I won’t have to take time off for maternity leave in the super important formative years of my career. Or those busy, responsibility filled middle years. Nor will I train my replacement just to have to fight for my job back after the baby is born. Work smarter, not harder. Duh.

7. “But none of your friends have kids. Don’t you feel isolated?”

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in this boat. I’ve never had a problem making friends. With todays social media, people in exactly the same situation are just a click away. Not to mention I now have something in common with millions of women. Who doesn’t love spending hour after hour talking about their precious bundle of joy? No new mom I know, that’s for sure.

So thanks to all the middle-aged ladies playing Nancy Drew, but my private life, is, well, private! At least as far as the women with nothing better to do than corner me in the grocery store are concerned. The people of the World Wide Web are a completely different story. TC Mark

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