What People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’ve Made Peace With Yourself

Eric Froehling

We get up in the morning thinking at times how we should last for the next 24 hours.

We struggle. We cover the pain. We face the anxiety. We experience the adversities of life.

But how do you actually battle every single day? Make Peace. Two words. Just Two words.

Make peace with your worries. Let go of things you cannot control. Mind the issues you only can.

You are human. You cannot fix everything. You cannot control every situation. So just sit back and relax and just Do what you can and do your best.

Make peace with the present. Live with it. Take your time to enjoy every minute of it. Fulfill your day like it was your last. Realize that you are given sunrise to start it with a smile and sunset to end the day feeling accomplished and productive.

Make peace with the present situation and live it with you so much joy in your heart.

At the same time, Make peace with your past. Your past make who you are.

There were lessons learnt and you became better because of you past. Let go of your past as no matter what you do, it won’t come back again. You can only move forward if you know that past happened for a reason. And that reason is for you to become a better person, inside and out. Who you are is the outcome of your beautiful past.

Finally, make peace with your inner self. Remind yourself that despite of your negative thoughts, insecurities, and fears – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Your spirit and soul is beautiful. Your heart is made of gold no matter what it has been through. The heartaches are not important anymore. Having peace with your self is the biggest blessing you can give to your soul. To your heart. Continue to stay positive in spite of the painful experiences around you. Be a blessing to others as well. You are not nurturing only yourself but you inspire other people as well. Make peace with your HEART. Take care of this fragile part of yourself.

You only got one, remember that. You make peace with yourself, by making peace with the people around you. And yes, even to those who broke your confidence and trust – even those who chose to walk out of your life.

Forgive – that is how you make peace with yourself.

Just always strive to become a better version of yourself, this is what they always say. But now, also try your hardest to make peace.

In all that you are doing and to the things you intend to do. Make peace- that is how you do things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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