Forget The Cookie-Cutter Relationship

We’ve all been there.

Stuck in that awkward limbo of whether or not you’re seeing someone or just hooking up. We’ve all racked our brains and spent countless days wondering what on earth is happening and is this even a real thing let alone even worth it. Sure, it may not be picture perfect and things may not develop the same way a normal relationship does or even a normal friendship, but everyone we meet, we meet for a reason.

I think our souls are destined to connect with the people that come into our lives, whether these interactions are good or bad, they serve a purpose. So what if this little shindig you’ve got going on doesn’t pan out to be a full fledged relationship and so what if you don’t fall madly in love. Is that really what a relationship is all about anyway?

They’re meant to teach us.

They’re meant to provide us with experience and change our outlook one way or another. Let things be funky and enjoy the ride. Coloring inside the lines doesn’t matter anymore. You’re not a child… make your own decisions and decide with your heart whether or not this moment in life makes you happy. And if it does… don’t give up on it.

Savor every aspect that contributes to the pure enjoyment life dealt you. Because you’re meant to be right where you are. Fear of losing someone or a situation not ending up the way you plan doesn’t make sense when life happens for a reason. And this isn’t to say blood won’t be shed, but why not take the journey and enjoy the soul you’re connecting with? Life will continue to move on with or without you. Quit trying so hard and just be with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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