When You Want To Come Back Into My Life, Read This

One day far from now, they will find their way back to you. Somehow, they always do…

You came back at the most random time in my life…I guess there’s never a right time for an ex, or a past flame to try to come back in your life. I wasn’t prepared, but I was prepared enough to slap those boundaries down and let you know that I’ve grown and I am not the same person I was before.

I know you were feeling alone and needed some attention and ego-stroking. The small talk was nice, but then there you are again. Trying to puppy dog eye me back into letting you in again. And I can’t. Not this time, not ever. You left and that was your choice. Even had I chose to leave you; it would never be a good time to just blindly let you back in. You were one of my many life lessons I have taken with me and grown from. You were one of the ones that taught me about boundaries and about what I want and look for in a partner.

This wasn’t a friendly hello how are you coming back. It was trying to come back like a knight in shining armor so you can blind me to giving you what you need, to what you want. As much as I miss you and what we HAD, yes, HAD. You can’t play these tricks on my mind and heart anymore, because you were the one that taught me all about them.

I’ve become aware or sensitive you could say, to anyone trying to play games or tricks on my heart. I am too old and too mature to let you just waltz back into my life again like nothing. I sarcastically tell you to prove it, but even if you did there would have to be a whole lot of earning back to do and I wouldn’t trust you again. Not now, not ever. I couldn’t trust you with my beautiful heart that has been through so much. I know what it deserves and it deserves a real, genuine kind of love. One that you cannot offer.

So please, when you come across my profile keep going. When you think of me, just keep it as a distant memory. When you come across those old photos. Think about how YOU taught me that I deserve better.

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“Dont give up the universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart”

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