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When I Was About To Give Up, I Found You

Amidst the chaos and troubles that I have succumbed to, the sadness of my eyes, and the gloom in my skies, I found you. Reasons unbeknown to me, I found you.

With the pain that scarred the depths of my soul, along with the aching breaks that my heart had to endure, I found you. As if fate made our paths cross, I found you.

Right there in the middle of the noise of my life, through the qualms of my restless mind, I found you. As unanticipated as it was, I found you.

I found you in the time that my eyes were soaking with tears, my heart wretched in pain, and my soul shattered to pieces.

When I could not see any light, as I traversed this dreary tunnel on my own, I found you.

I found you in my hopelessness, as my faith abandoned my will to carry on, as love had me deeply hurt.

Serendipity had its course, without me expecting to find anything, and as desperation was the only thing I felt, I found you.

I found you as I drowned myself in a pool of lies and when honesty was just an illusion. I saw you when the truth was something I was afraid of.

When I was about to give up on life, as I had surrendered the last bit of my love, as if written in the stars, I found you. I found you, and you gave me back everything I lost.

I found you, and you wiped away my tears. You chased away the darkness and pushed me back to light. I found you, and you gave me back my faith, provided me the hope I needed to survive, healed my wounded heart, and mended my broken soul. And because I have found you, because life and fate brought me to you, I will never let you go.

Found and madly in love with her soulmate.

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