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Read This When It’s Difficult To Accept His Love

How difficult is it to believe that someone will come along and save you from the monsters you have created inside your head? That a person is willing to hold your hand amidst all the chaos of your life.

How difficult is it to conceive in your mind that someone is willing to listen to your random musings tirelessly? That there is a person who values you. That there is someone who wants to be a part of your life. That someone is willing to know how your day went, unmindful of how petty your stories are.

How difficult is it to accept the love that you want but know you don’t deserve? That kind of love that was not forced but voluntarily given to you by that one person you so much wished to love you back.

How difficult is it to grasp that there is a person meant to love you without hesitations? That despite your flaws and imperfections, this person still opts to stay and make you feel that he takes you for who you are.

How difficult is it to understand that you, too, deserve true love? That love is unconditional and will choose you, notwithstanding the circumstances, overlooking your past and mistakes.

How difficult is it to believe that you have brought your imagination to life? That the one you wished and prayed for is finally in front of you, asking for your heart and soul. That you have brought to life this person you created in your mind.

How difficult is it to comprehend that someone can love you sincerely? You don’t have to be anything with this person, but he goes gaga over you. That for him, you are the ideal girl he longed for.

And finally, how difficult is it to answer all these questions when you know in your heart that he is what you want. Believe that he is not an irony but instead a personification of what you dreamt of all your life. How difficult is it to take his hand and have a leap of faith?

Go ahead, take that jump, expect that it might hurt, that it might be a risk, and accept that nothing worth it is easy. If, in the end, you lose, just close your eyes and be thankful that for once in your life, you were enchanted by the love he gave you.

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