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I Loved You In Another Lifetime

I want you to know that I found my soulmate in you and that I have already loved you even before this lifetime.

Since childhood, I have always dreamt of a man saving me from chaos. I was a princess in a carriage with my army fighting, the strongest and wisest of which was the man I secretly loved. A faceless man that, whenever I try to see his face, I wake up and snap back to reality. I know this may sound crazy, but this recurring dream made me believe that somewhere, someone would save me from all this chaotic and complicated world.

That night I first saw you, the very minute you came in, my heart told me to ask you if we had met before; it was a big surprise when you replied that we did. My memory does not store insignificant details. Back then, I knew there was something unforgettable in you, that you had somehow spoken to my soul. And as that night progressed, you gave me reasons to further be attracted to you, especially by how you made me feel safe around you. From then on, despite the distance between us, we have been each other’s constant; I’m the first and last person you see, and you are the sole reason for my twinkling eyes. Charmed and enchanted from the start, my feeling of attachment grew more and more; my belief of knowing you in the past strengthened as time passed. You are the one I have long been wanting to see, that faceless man from those vivid dreams.

It’s surreal, but I know I loved you then. There is a reason why I am instantly drawn to you. As we take a headway through day-to-day, I am falling deeper and deeper. With you, hyperbole is an understatement; similes and metaphors do not exist; ironies are not possible. For you, I can write a thousand poems but still cannot capture what you do to me, how you touch my heart, how you resonate with my soul. You are the love of my life, the subject of my sentences, the ultimate reward to my goals, the faceless man of those vivid dreams.

Regardless of how impossible it is, I know that even death could never stop me and my love for you. Even beyond this lifetime, my heart will always know you, and my soul will always find you. You are the only one I could not get enough of, and I promise that I will continue loving you incessantly through every lifetime. Beyond decades, centuries, millenniums, my heart will always find a way; my soul will still yearn for you, the man of my vivid dreams.

Found and madly in love with her soulmate.

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