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I Want A Love Like The One I Found In You

I want a love that defies all the barriers and prejudices. A love that never stops because of other people’s opinions.

I want a love that is pure and innocent. A love that is honest in everything and in every sense of the word.

I want a love that is generous. A love that gives and never expects anything in return.

I want a love that accepts me for who I am and who I am not. A love that will see through me to the depths of my soul, to the bottomless pit of my mind and the darkness of my heart.

I want a love that will shelter me from all the turmoil that I get from the world around me. A love that will hold my hand despite the confusion I have inside.

I want a love that chooses to be with me despite the vast amount of options that it has. A love that chooses me despite the flaws and fears that I have.

I want a love that does not expect anything. A love that is not afraid to be short-changed because it only wants to show its truth without expectations of anything.

I want a love that holds my hand through whatever life throws me. A love that would not shake or loosen when I am difficult to understand.

I want a love that is unconditional. A love that is proud of the beauty in me and embraces even the things that aren’t pretty.

I want a love that is devoted. A love that gives me all that they were, they are, and they will be.

I want a love that is courageous. A love that is willing to go to war for me. A love that will not stop at a lost battle and instead becomes more determined to win the war just so they can keep me.

I want a love that lasts a lifetime. A love that is willing to jump over every hurdle and trial. A love that stays. A love that remains despite anything and everything.

At the end of it all, I found all these kinds of love in you. The love that you have defined for me. The love that you always give me. The love that I will forever have from you.

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