man kissing woman's forehead

But Then You Came Along

She is the epitome of strength, a takeaway from all the pain she experienced. She’s a goal-getter and plans ahead to make sure she gets what she wants when she wants it. She knows what she is made of and clings to nothing but herself. Never did she beg anyone for love, never did she look for it. When all she wanted was to create a name for herself, you came along, very unexpected and yet a delightful surprise that life has thrown her.

She was there waiting for something when you came, something other than love. But you caught her eye that very moment. Mesmerized by your mystery, her curiosity was ignited. There was something about you that made her smile. Captivated, you captured her heart. She felt that she wanted to be with you. She wanted you, she wanted all of you, and she was willing to fall for you, hoping that you would too.

That sleepless night she waited, wanting to talk to you more or get a glimpse of that heaven in your smile. She dreamt of having you and loving you with all her might. She woke up to your message with a euphoric heart. She didn’t know she needed it, never asked for it, never begged anyone for it, but she knew this is love. It was something that she evaded, something that she never banked on, but then you came along.

Conversations lasted for hours, days passed, and her feelings enormously grew. All her waking moments would be for you and only for you. Her perplexed mind flooded by thoughts of you. She caught herself smiling. She dreamt of you, that you will take part in her world, her world that you owned. She started loving you without clarity, without designation nor confirmation, and yet, she was happy, a feeling she never had before. Her dreams came true; wishful thinking and prayers were answered because you came along.

As you confessed, her heart skipped a beat, overjoyed that you mutually felt that connection. Bit by bit, as you let down your walls, the enigma was understood. She discovered more things, and she loved even the littlest of you. You are an old soul sweeping off her feet with every effort you exert. She poured out all of existence: mind, heart, and soul. She gave out everything, willing to risk anything. She felt like she has known and loved you for a long time already. If soulmates do exist, she found hers in you. Her heart is happy because you came along.

She fell deeper in love, which amplified her fear of losing you, that she might lose the love she has only known. But those eyes, those eyes that pierce through her with every glance, assured her. Those arms that embraced her at night gave her hope. Those lips and the whisper of sweetness gave her something to look forward to. So she told herself, as fear swallowed her, that every moment with you was worth it. That no matter what the future held, whether it’s beautiful or ugly, she would always choose you in a heartbeat. Without thinking. Over everything. More than anything. And if you are reading this, know that she would go to hell and back just to spend the rest of her life with you.

Found and madly in love with her soulmate.

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