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Thank You For Reminding Me That True Love Still Exists

You came to my life, stole my heart, and kept it. You constantly made me smile and swept me off my feet. Your name was the sweetest song that my heart ever sang.

You are the breath of fresh air that I need to survive. You showed me that life is worth living and how amazingly happy I can be. I thought that happiness only existed in fairy tales, but you made my heart incessantly happy.

You are the rain that calms my tormented mind and soothes my aching soul. You gave me hope of tomorrow’s sunrise even during the darkest of nights; the brightest star that my clouded sky has ever known.

You consistently brighten up my days through your simple ways. You reminded me of my true value, showed my worth, and appreciated my flaws.

You showed me things from different perspectives. You supported my decisions and corrected the wrong ones and motivated me to turn my plans to actions.

You inspired me to do my best more, and further, motivated me with my goals. I made you the center of my world, and you made me the reason behind your plans.

You made me realize that love should always trust and understand, that it should always be kind and giving, that respect is always as important.

You made me fall so hard with the confidence that you are always there to catch me, that I can cross barriers with my eyes closed and you will never let go. You showed me that perfection exists because you exist.

You made me believe in promises because I know that you would never break my heart. that despite the complexities, you will always be holding my hand; that even if odds go against us, I would never be fighting alone; that love can bring bliss and not pain. Most especially, that forever and true love can exist amidst this harsh world.

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Found and madly in love with her soulmate.

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