This Is What Happens When You Cheat On Her

Allan Filipe Santos Dias / Unsplash

She is strong. A woman who knows what she wants, how she can get it and what to do when she gets it. She is a woman of character, she gives life to everything she touches and values things and people and every little bit around her. She likes making memories and writing down how her day went. More importantly, she has her heart on her sleeves. She loves with the whole of her and gives her soul to the depths of it.

You come along, and she makes her world revolve around you. You start owning her heart as you pierce her soul-deep. She loves you with all her might, with all her mind, with all her heart, with all of her. She loves you more than you deserve.

You make her happy with your uncanny ways. She falls deeper and deeper until everything, every minute and every day is about you. You start becoming her life, in every decision she needs to make you are considered, her mornings are for you, and so does her steamy nights. You have captured her thoughts, dominated her heart; you become her ultimate why. She grows more beautiful, she glows with joy, but she also starts to feel that grim fear, the fear of losing you.

Months pass, she slowly feels that something is changing. Her fear heightens as she sees the glow of your eyes slowly dimming. The heat of the love you made her feel before is beginning to grow cold. Moments with starts to be a never-ending battle, an argument that nobody wins. But she feels that everything she does is without value for you. She knows that your eyes are now glowing for someone new. Her instincts never failed her, and you know that it is true; you are seeing someone new.

She finally finds out. She saw you with her, and your eyes were happier. Her heart gets broken, she’s wretched in sorrow. She starts to wonder if she knows. She wants to know if she knows that you were hers. But then anger embraces her. It wraps her and she allows that anger to envelop her. She becomes fiercer, a lot stronger but also angrier. Despite this, she chooses to stay. She chooses to be with you still.

Her heart is dying, she is dying. But her heart knows is to forgive and understand you.

She starts blaming herself for what had happened. She feels that being strong is a curse, that being independent made you look for someone needy, that loving you too much made her worthless to you. She stops all these, all these traits that comprise her. Her confidence slowly dies, so is the flicker in her eye. She starts neglecting herself, focusing more on you. She starts regretting having goals and achieving them.

She starts breaking herself, killing her vibe and losing passion for those things she loved. She stopped dreaming; hated believing; she lost her soul and her heart. And she just stopped.

Until you man up to your mistakes; until you finally see her worth; until you choose to be with the one you think is for you; until you apologize for the pain you have caused her, she will continue to die a slow and painful death.

Until then, she will not live again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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