7 Ways To Know You’re In The Clear

1. The Pity Party is Finally Over

You’re done relating every sad song to your breakup. Your days of binge reading every possible sad article in a puddle of sulkiness are finished. In fact, you’re kind of sick of the depressive funk phase. And next time “Party in the USA” is on, you just might throw your hands up!

2. You Don’t Have to Force Yourself Not to Stalk Your Ex Via Social Media

Notice it’s not “You Don’t Social Media Stalk Your Ex”. This is the next level. You just don’t think about it. You don’t have to put a herculean amount of effort into resisting because it simply doesn’t cross your mind.

This goes for texting too. Basically all technological forms of communication are now a non-issue. Congratulations!

3. You’re Looking for a Newer Model

Love is blind. Thankfully, breakups are not. You can finally admit the flaws of your ex and recognize what needs to be different in future relationships. You’ve reached the point where you can maturely look back and reflect on what the failed relationship taught you. You’re not searching for his/her clone. You have been blessed with the opportunity to upgrade! Use it wisely.

4. Your Brain Is No Longer Cluttered with Thoughts of Your Ex 

Your ex is no longer the most important opinion in your life. You’re not constantly wondering if he/she is thinking about you. In times of trouble, you no longer have the instinctive urge to turn to your ex. Similarly, he/she is not the first one you want to call with spectacular news. You’ve got people for that! You’re fine without your ex. You two are leading separate lives now, and that’s okay.

5. You’ve Got a Newfound Apathy

You no longer feel passionate about your ex in any way, be it favorable or against. You’re completely neutral. Your ex is just another person on the planet. You can be cordial and act civil towards him/her. You don’t have to get all worked up every time your ex walks your way. Frankly, it’s not worth the effort.

6. You’re Done Fantasizing

All those hopes and dreams you had of reuniting have diminished. Your imaginary future doesn’t include your ex anymore. Not only have you given up on the idea of getting back together, but you understand why it really wouldn’t work….at all. You two simply aren’t meant to be together. Honestly, getting back together at this point would just be a hassle. Your personalities don’t match up perfectly, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

7. You’re Confident on Your Own 

Your value is no longer found in what your ex thinks of you, or what anyone else thinks of you for that matter! You’re content with who you are and happy with the way things are. You are complete on your own.

This is the exciting part where you get to resume your search for true love. Have fun! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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