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Just So You Know, Relationships Mean Hard Work

Relationships can be messy, complicated and utterly frustrating. It takes so much from two people to grow and build a strong foundation. Through the many lows and highs, they have to look beyond what has hurt them in the past, tainted their belief about love and trust and choose each other over and over again.

Working on personal struggles while working to make a strong relationship takes a lot of effort, time, prayers, commitment, compromise, sacrifice, tears and smiles, falling apart and getting back up, getting tired but never wanting to let go, not liking each other but still choosing to love each other. It takes a whole lot of forgiveness, patience, understanding. It takes more than second chances but a million ones. It requires overlooking flaws and believing in the goodness of your partner over your set standards, opinions and doubts.

But most of all, it takes love. The truest you can give. The most unconditional you can offer. It doesn’t matter who gives more or loves more because sometimes you just really have to be the one to step up. It takes a love that is not shallow, not only based on emotions and feelings but a choice to accept and commit to your partner regardless of how you feel.

There will be challenges, phases, roadblocks. It takes a team of two to make it out alive, stronger and better. If through the challenges you choose to do what’s right even if it’s hard, you choose to give whatever it is that your partner need even if hurts, it just means that they’re all worth it because it gives you a comeback that is greater.

These words put together may look so ideal and perfect but they aren’t. Nobody in the world or no relationship is perfect which is why we should stop ourselves from expecting it. Learning to love and work on what’s right in front of us and accepting and letting go of the little imperfections, I think that’s what we should strive for. That’s what we should continue to commit to. Because there will always be something wrong in you and in your partner. Every person gets fed up. The most patient person can get mad. There will always be something missing. There will always be something that our partner does that won’t meet our standards and make us feel like it’s not their best even though it’s all they can offer. There will come a time where you won’t be able to meet each other’s wants and needs. There will be moments when the sparks that used to light up everything will die down. There will be days when it will be so hard that you just want to quit. There will be many moments when you’d rather just walk away.

But it’s in those trying and difficult moments, times and days that you will truly know what love means. Love means stepping up when you’re not ready. Love means going out of your comfort zone. Love means remembering why you chose the person in front of you through all the hurdles and choosing to still love that person. Love is not just accepting the beautiful things in each other but also the mess and baggages that come with us because let’s admit it, we all have them. Love means unleashing the best version of yourself to survive the worst trials. Love means overcoming failures and learning from them and moving forward as a better person. TC mark

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