5 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Do When You’re Falling In Love

Brooke Cagle

I wasn’t the sanest person to begin with but when I fell in love with my boyfriend I went from cute-squirrely crazy to “oh my God – she’s gotta gun” crazy real fucking fast.

Love is a drug, it can either be a good drug like weed or a bad drug like everything else. Speaking from experience, doing these 5 things will only make you crazier. So don’t!!!

1. Don’t Go Through His Stuff.

A mantra I repeat in my head every single time I’m left anywhere within a ten foot vicinity of his phone/tablet/laptop/trash can. Guys are simple creatures. If he tells you he loves you, accept it. Finding a receipt from Chipotle for two will only cause your brain to short-circuit and implode until he mentions he bought his best friend dinner last night. Trust him like you blindly trust Amazon with your credit card info.

2. Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want To Know the Answers To.

Does it really matter if she wore a 34 DD or how she used to fold his laundry? Asking menial questions about his past relations only takes you out of the moment and drives love away with jealously. Breathe deep, live pure, he’s with you chick. You’re awesome.

3. Don’t Stalk These Bitches on Social Media.

Easier said than done, I know I know. In this day and age it’s just too easy to find out everything from what she looks like to if she got a speeding ticket in 2006. Knowing too much about these past hoes can subconsciously destroy your passion with him, he doesn’t want them in his life anymore and neither should you.

4. Don’t Analyze Him.

You are not a licensed psychologist. Okay, maybe you are, even if you are, it’s not your job to analyze and dissect every word he says. He will become fearful to open up to you when you are supposed to be his sanctuary. Guys are extremely simple creatures. They say what they mean and mean what they say. I don’t know why this is still so hard for me to understand, but it’s true.

5. Don’t Make Him Solve Your Brain Puzzle.

Guys hate trying to figure out what’s wrong, just tell him. He really wants to know so he can fix it. Guys love fixing stuff. Leaving abruptly or ignoring his texts is just going to make him think that you’re being a pouty bitch. Guys will never truly understand the brain chemistry of a woman, and that just makes them love us more.

Love is truly such a beautiful thing, just be happy and enjoy it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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