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I have a vivid memory of being often sick as a child, and therefore I have developed an interest in Holistic Healing from a very early age. There was no need to explain to me how an abstract system such as acupuncture or aromatherapy works. I simply knew intuitively that it works if the mind does not interfere.

The only real way to heal any emotional and physical pain is to eliminate the underlying emotional and energetic causes. In fact, emotional and spiritual health is often a crucial factor in the healing process.

The majority operates from a place of victim consciousness. Not being aware of their true Self they defend the identity they have constructed at all costs. However, we have reached a point in our evolution as a collective where we desperately need to evolve beyond the victim consciousness. To see if you are plugged in into any victim thought forms you have to be first of all brutally honest with yourself.
Those who feel disempowered are usually more susceptible to illness and diseases.

Our bodies are brilliant and miraculous, but the fact is, that we are more than just our physical bodies. We are more than merely the flesh and bones. To be precise, the body is far away from all of who we are. We are even more than our thoughts and emotions.

It is the ego that believes that it is limited to this physical body and is highly vulnerable. The lower self defines, therefore, an illness or a feeling of being unwell as a failure or weakness. In its limited view, it is unable to see the bigger picture and it is only concerned about safety and survival. From the fearful perspective of the ego, it is indeed quite difficult to understand that physical pain or even a life-threatening illness can contain a hidden blessing. 

It is our higher Self that chooses the illness because the higher Self has a much broader overview of all life events and our Soul’s journey.  An Illness is often a way to get in touch with any hidden unconscious beliefs or unintegrated aspects of self and it will sometimes redirect us into a new direction or a new way of approaching life’s ups and downs.

This realisation helps us to live from a different place of awareness and not to identify ourselves with the pain or illness. The reason that we feel tension and pain in the first place is because we have bought in into the illusion that we are a body. When we release these thought patterns and stop listening to the excuses of our mind, we will realise that we are infinite bliss and love. From this moment of realisation, true healing can occur on all levels. The pain or discomfort might be still there but the suffering will cease.

The most important step to balance ourselves implies an understanding of the energy centres, also known as chakras which make up the mind, body, and spirit complex.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates into a turning wheel or disc. These energy centres are connected to main organs, endocrine glands, physiological functions, emotions and spiritual energy and they hold the keys to physical and emotional health. The openness and flow of energy through our chakras determines our state of health and balance.

An unbalanced or blocked chakra can lead to physical, emotional or mental symptoms.
There are seven main energy centres positioned throughout our body, from the base of your spine to the crown of our head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, that is represented through a particular chakra colour.

I have recorded a guided meditation which will help you to balance the seven main energy centres.

Understanding pain and dealing with pain

Pain multiplied by resistance and strong identification is causing more suffering. If we reduce the resistance, we reduce the suffering. Pain multiplied by acceptance equals freedom. In other words, acceptance leads to healing.

We should not forget that pain can also be an excellent teacher.

Every sickness or physical pain reveals aspects to us that we otherwise wouldn’t be aware of. It is a signal that we can use to come into greater alignment with our True Self. As soon as we discover why a particular symptom shows up, our higher Self won’t have the need to communicate to us through physical pain. The more energised, vibrant and empowered we are, the more in alignment we are with our true Self’s fundamental wavelength.

The core frequency of creation is unconditional love, bliss, joy and abundance. In a sense, a sickness or pain indicates that we have created a gap between ourselves and the core frequency of creation.

If the symptoms show up very strongly, it can be extremely challenging to focus on higher vibrations such as love, joy and bliss. What worked for me in the past was to cultivate gratitude and to thank my higher Self for the catalyst and its infinite wisdom and intelligence. I have learned that when the body gets sick, it means it is time to rest.

An illness or sickness gives us the opportunity to slow down, to retreat, to contemplate, to set our priorities straight and to re-focus. It offers us also the chance to investigate our beliefs or it is forcing us to develop new strengths and resources or reach out for help and support. Our bodies respond to our state of being, attempting to signal to us that we have a deeper need that demands our attention. Some people say that our body is a reflection of our unconscious mind. If we’re willing to pay attention we can recognise our imbalances and make appropriate changes.

Most of the physical conditions are the result of misaligned thoughts and beliefs (conscious and unconscious) which cause energy blockages. With misaligned, negative thinking, I mean that the way how we see life is out of alignment with our Spirit’s point of view. After a while, this misalignment transfers into the physical body.
When we have constant negative thoughts, and when we use our past traumatic and painful experiences as an excuse to behave in a dysfunctional way or to feel victimised, we are more likely to get sick or feel unwell.

There are some exceptions for sickness or physical disabilities, and sometimes we choose to experience certain mental or physical conditions because it serves us as a catalyst to move into a direction which is in alignment with our life’s theme and higher purpose. Without this catalyst, we would not have the incentive to move into a particular direction.

We might even accept to experience various physical limitations or mental health conditions to be of service to others.

There can be spiritual reasons for illnesses and diseases, and they might not be related to negative or destructive thought patterns. In this case, the disease comes as a spiritual challenge which helps to move to the next level of ascension and empowerment. From the spiritual perspective, illness is a step toward wholeness.

It is not unusual that those who embark on the spiritual path or undertake a pilgrimage, for example, become very sick. There are usually higher reasons for this and we are not always privileged to know, why a particular illness shows up. The reasons might be revealed to us a long time after its occurrence. The more we surrender and give up all resistance during this time instead of asking “why”, the less we will suffer.

The fastest way to heal is to drop all identifications with the illness and to see it as temporary, transitory experience. This condition might bring many suppressed, unconscious fears to the surface.  Allow those feelings and fears to flow through your vessel and at the same time release old beliefs which you are ready to let go of. Accept that this is an experience your higher Self would like you to have at this moment and from a higher perspective, everything happens for your best interest. Your task is to allow the very best lessons and outcomes to flow through your vessel and be detached from the outcome.

To heal means to align with your higher Self, your spirit and to reconnect with the energy of love. Holistic Healing or Energy Healing is about remembering who you truly are.

* It is about reconnecting with your Soul, your Higher Self, and Source.
* It is about letting go of conditioning and giving yourself full permission to be WHO YOU TRULY are, instead of being who you think you should be.
* It is about stepping into your power and finding maximum joy and fulfilment in the here and now.
* It is about living from a place of truth rather than buying in into the pain and pleasure concept.
* It is about the recognition of wholeness and perfection in the midst of challenging circumstances.
* It is about changing of a perspective. If you change your perspective you will see that your suffering stems from a misaligned point of view.

People often wonder how all the hardships, health challenges and suffering they have been through are supposed to serve them?

Many have the concept in their mind that things should be comfortable and cosy and those who have material wealth and success are often admired. The common belief is that having a family, a nice car, a house and a career are the highest things to aspire for in life.

Of course, all of those things are beautiful and can be enjoyed and appreciated, but we should not forget that the main reason for being here is to evolve spiritually. Enjoy the beauty of life, yet remain simultaneously aware of your true nature.

I have seen again and again that those who went through tremendous pain, severe suffering and hardships have been the most spiritually evolved, compassionate, loving, humble, generous and mature people.

Something has emerged from within that transcended all the pain. If they would not have had these intense experiences, they might have been stuck in the superficial material world and would have missed the opportunity to discover the divinity within. They have moved from darkness into light! This is something many beings throughout history have been longing for whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

Grace happens in many miraculous ways, and those who are awake are able to see it in situations and events where those who are asleep perceive only injustice and cruelty.

Physical pain is often an attempt from our body to communicate to us that something is out of balance. If we want to eliminate the pain or discomfort we have to find the cause instead of looking at the symptoms. To determine the root cause it is helpful to become quiet for a moment and to enquire humble. Begin the investigation by asking, “what is it really”?

The following questions could help to discover the root cause:

What secret benefit could this sickness, discomfort or pain have?

What is your soul longing to learn or to experience?

Does the illness help you to set healthy boundaries?

Does the sickness serve as a protection not to be close or intimate with another person so that you can reduce the risk of being hurt?

If you have pain in your shoulders, are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders or do you feel that life is a burden?

If you have heart problems or pain around your chest, do you hold grudges or are you “heartbroken” (forgiveness is the major alchemy in healing)?

If you have back pain, do you feel supported in life and do you allow others to support you?

Is the discomfort there when you wake up or when you go to sleep? Or maybe it is only there in certain circumstances, such as when you are around certain individuals or shortly before an important meeting?

When does it go away? Does the phenomenon fade away when you relax into it, or breathe into it? 

Disengaging from the pain and taking on the observer attitude is another interesting form of enquiry. An attitude of curiosity and a sense of wonder will allow you to step outside and look at the occurring phenomenon from a different perspective. This disidentification helps to have a less personal relationship with the discomfort or pain. If you do this you will notice that the discomfort is simply appearing and disappearing. It is a passing, transitory experience. Consciousness is creating this experience in order to learn from it and ultimately to transcend it. And we need duality in order to be able to learn. How would we know how inner peace feels like if we would not have experienced pain and inner turmoil first?

This recognition helps to be more objective, less personally involved and it is more likely that the discomfort will eventually fade away.

It is important to understand that disengaging from the pain has nothing to do with denial or spacing out. Any arising uncomfortable phenomena are merely appearances within consciousness, expressed through you, but they are not who you truly are. By taking on the observer view it is more likely that you will have a broader and wider perspective, which may reveal the underlying cause of the discomfort.

Many people are familiar with Louise Hay’s  book, You Can Heal Your Life, which lists physical symptoms and their corresponding emotional dynamics. While I agree that there is often a direct mind-body connection between an illness and the symptom, it is important to bear in mind that there might be also profound spiritual reasons for an illness or a disease. Symptoms and their signals are not always easy to understand and they may vary from individual to individual. A dis-ease or any kind of discomfort usually speaks to us on many different levels at simultaneously.

The cause of an illness can be chemical, mental, emotional, environmental or spiritual.

On a mental level, ongoing negative thought patterns and dysfunctional beliefs would eventually lead to pain or sickness. So any therapy or technique which deals with negative beliefs e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy could bring relief. Some forms of meditation and mindfulness techniques do address the mind, too.

The cause on a spiritual level could be not following our purpose or being while extremely dissatisfying working environment for example. And at the same time being afraid to undertake the necessary changes to make a shift in the right direction.
Without the physical discomfort, we would not have the incentive or courage to make any necessary modifications, reach out for support, or leave a comfort zone behind for example.

Environmental Causes

The problem here is toxicity. The same sort of toxicity that kills fish in rivers, and pollutes the environment contaminates the blood and tissues of the body. Many diseases, such as Diabetes and Cirrhosis of the liver, are caused by long term accumulation of toxins and acid wastes in the body.
A healthy body will naturally detoxify itself by eliminating its self-produced toxic wastes as soon as they are produced.

On a chemical level, the food we eat can be the cause of significant imbalances.

Food sensitivities can cause chronic inflammation in the gut and body.
Toxins can build up in the body and cause pain. Nutrient deficiencies like B Vitamins; Magnesium can affect the nervous system and lead to physical pain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Erika is a natural empath, a fully qualified Spiritual Counsellor, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Soul Plan Practitioner and Life Coach.

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