To The One Who Always Fears The End

Drew Hays
Drew Hays

Is this the moment of your life when everything seems so complicated? When every little thing that talks about getting into that finish line fears you? Why worry? Is this not the one you’ve always wanted and the reason why you’ve started? Relax. You’re not the only one.

Each of us fears the end whether it’s about breaking up with a relationship, graduating from college, reading your favorite book, watching the last season of a TV series, and even just knowing that something wouldn’t last, scare the hell out of us. The truth is we never fear the end but it is the fact that we would start again.

In a relationship, when your other half finally decided to put an end to the commitment, the most painful thing about it is you’ll be alone. When everything that you get used to do with your partner wouldn’t be the same anymore. Again, why worry? Isn’t that good not to share with someone and for once, have something only for you?

Maybe, you’ll miss the memories but you need to accept that if two persons are really meant for each other, they will always find their way back into each other’s arms even if there will some spaces that they need to grow apart.

If you’re going to graduate college, it’s not the fear of not going to school or not having your friends with everyday but it is all about the question that every college senior fears, what would happen next? Would I get easily hired? What would it be like to be in the real world? Of course, it is never going to be easy. People outside school are more scary that your most terror professor. So it’s either you get along with people or… you need to get along with people, as simple as that.

And while reading your favorite book and watching the last episode of a TV series, well, you’ll get over it once you’ve found another interesting book to read and TV series to watch. I know how hard it is to let go of the characters you’ve loved but seriously, they actually didn’t exist.

So to the one who fears the end, I’ll tell you to keep moving forward, embrace every change, accept the challenge and start over again. Ending is not a bad idea as long as you promised to yourself to be better on the next stage. Ending is not a mistake but it is your chance to make corrections but not revisions. Ending is a lesson, a well-written experience, a memo from the past, a glimpse of your future, a sunset to your sunrise, a rainbow after the rain and like a caterpillar turned butterfly.  Once and for all, do not fear the end instead fear that you wouldn’t get to start again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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