20 Ways To Be The Most Annoying Traveler Ever

Twenty20 / kelsen28
Twenty20 / kelsen28

Any traveler, tourists or not, all have the similar tendency to be annoying. We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all been them at some point. Whether you’re aware of it or not, here’s a list on how to be an annoying traveler.

1. Put your small carry on purse on someone else’s overhead bin.
 Let them worry about theirs. You need every inch of that leg room in front of your seat.

2. When staying in a dorm room, set your alarm at 4am and keep hitting snooze.
Let it go off a few times before you decide to get up. Better yet, just sleep through your alarm.

3. At night, turn the lights on in your dorm room and completely forget to turn them back off.
Someone else will probably turn it off eventually.

4. Be loud and obnoxious with your large group wherever you are.
Even if it’s at a sacred place. People need to know that you’re having a grand time.

5. Take your time taking pictures of yourself. In front of paintings at a museum, the Tomb Raider tree in Ta Prohm, the summit of a volcano. Who cares if it’s 100 degrees. It’s okay to disregard others as long as you get the perfect shot.

6. At any kind of show, do not forget to put your phone or camera up to record
or to snap chat for a good amount of time. Nothing is better than a blocked view.

7. Besides your cigarette butts, leave your empty bottles and other trash at the beach
for the locals to clean up. Toss out your leftover food on the sand. It’s fine. The stray dogs will find it.

8. Go ahead and download the new episode of Game of Thrones on your laptop with the lobby wifi. The other people you’re slowing down cannot possibly be doing anything more important on the internet than your download.

9. Have loud, vigorous sex early in the morning in the dorm room.
Don’t even try to be quiet. It’s human nature. They’ll get over it.

10. Feed the animals even if a sign clearly said not to.
It’s not like you’re feeding them poison. Touch the turtle just for a quick photo. As long as you do it quick, you won’t get fined.

11. Push people as you cut the line in the long queue. It doesn’t matter where– at the airport, a long queue to a tourist spot, the bathroom. Your time is much more precious than the others.

12. Use your iPad or other tablet to take pictures. It so does not block other people’s view.

13. Disregard what you’ve read about the mistreatment of the animals and support the tourism anyway.
Ride the elephant for your profile picture. Ride a malnourished horse to the crater of the volcano. Go pet a drugged up tiger so you look badass in your Instagram.

14. Disregard a culture at your convenience.
 For instance, if it’s blazing hot, wear your most comfortable skin-baring attire at a temple. If it’s not your culture, you’re exempted from their beliefs. Also, taking naked pictures in front of famous landmarks is not offensive to the locals. People will praise you not only for your self-confidence, but for your fun, quirky idea.

15. If your flight is delayed, the flight attendants must know how inconvenient this is for you.
Start a scene. Speak up for the other passengers. Obscene words are appropriate for unfortunate events like this. And once they realize how unacceptable this is, demand for an upgrade.

16. Wait until the last minute before you pack your belongings at a hostel dorm
. Take your time in the morning when you do it too. Let the sound of plastic rubbing against each other wake other people up. You’re doing them a favor by giving them an early start.

17. Do everyone a favor by blasting your music on your portable speakers
. Make sure you pick a loud track to get everybody on the mood. Why relax when you can start a party right there and then?

18. As soon as the plane reaches the gate, get up asap and grab your luggage on the overhead bin.
Secure your spot and block the aisle with your suitcase. It’s not that you’re in a hurry. But again, you need to let people know just how much more important your time is than theirs.

19. Let your child kick the seat in front of his and don’t feel bad about it. If the passenger looks back at you, just smile because everything your child does is absolutely cute.

20. Complaining about how disappointing a place is will entertain people, especially the locals. Perhaps voice out how you find the food unappetizing or how dirty a city is. Reminding them that where you came from is far better than their country will raise awareness. Educate them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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