30 Reasons Why She’s Not Answering Your Online Dating Email

Daria / epicantus
  1. “How’s your day?” is not a come-on.
  2. “U r hot” is not hot.
  3. Your username includes the words “killer” or “hung.”
  4. You copied and pasted your message. (Yes, she can tell.)
  5. You didn’t say anything that indicated you read her profile.
  6. You didn’t compliment her.
  7. You downright insulted her.
  8. Your profile features more than three photos of yourself.
  9. Your profile photos include other women suspiciously comfortable with you.
  10. It’s not clear which man is you in your profile photos.
  11. Your kids are in your profile pictures.
  12. You’re wearing a stupid hat.
  13. You’re posing with booze.
  14. You’re holding up a fish.
  15. You say you’re looking for someone to camp and hunt with.
  16. You mention your ex in your profile.
  17. You say how stupid her ex must have been to have divorced her.
  18. You can’t spell—or be bothered to use spell-check.
  19. You don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.
  20. You confess you had to look up a word from her profile in the dictionary.
  21. It says in her profile that she doesn’t drink and you invited her to have a drink.
  22. You weren’t persistent enough. (Three emails, then stop.)
  23. You emailed her three times—in as many minutes.
  24. You managed to bore her in only a few sentences.
  25. You wrote her a short story.
  26. You asked if she’d like to read your novel-in-progress.
  27. She noticed that she doesn’t meet your “checklist.” (Face it: You don’t even know what you want.)
  28. You know each other IRL—so why are you messaging her on a dating site?
  29. You’re not her type.
  30. You’re not worthy, period.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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