Letting Go Is A Sign Of Strength

Never regret anyone who was a part of your life. Your experiences and relationships helped make you the person you are today. Sometimes it’s hard looking back, realizing what once was and what could never be again. But that’s what happens after a breakup. You start replaying everything that happened, from the little conversations that have stuck in your memory to the big fights that you have no idea why they started in the first place.

You start thinking about what you could have done differently. You start thinking if any of that would have even made a difference. You analyze and over-analyze. Until you finally realize that maybe the breakup was for the best.

Maybe you both have just hit a point in your lives where your paths diverge, where you have to go your separate ways, where staying in the relationship is unhealthy. And the hardest part is being strong enough to let go.

Some people say that it’s a sign of weakness to let go, that it’s the same thing as giving up. But I believe letting go can sometimes be a sign of strength. To let go of someone you love, to put yourself and your happiness first, to have the strength to make the hard decision when it’s easier to stay together. To let go of something you put so much effort into. That’s what it is. You’ve invested so much of yourself and your time into a relationship that’s simply not working out anymore. And no matter how hard you try and want it to work, it just doesn’t and it can’t.

Relationships take effort. Breakups hurt.

Being vulnerable with someone is scary. 

So find someone who makes all of that worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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