My Pottermore Patronus Is A Hedgehog And This Is How I Deal


Back in September, Pottermore and J.K. Rowling announced that you can now sign on to the website for the Patronus experience. Pottermore subscribers can log on and find out which is their patronus animal. Find yours here. A patronus is a silvery white guardian or protector, that can be conjured to protect against dementors. It also can be used to send messages (as Shacklebot did during the Weasley wedding). It is activated when the caster says the words: Expecto Patronum.

It’s actually a very hard charm to perform. Harry Potter ended up having to learn how to produce a patronus because of his sensitivity to dementors. He fainted every time he was in their presence. It was a big deal for Harry to have learned to do the patronus charm at such a young age and people said as much.

Rowling also included some additional info on the Patronus in her Pottermore writing. There are two kinds: corporeal and non-corporeal. The non-corporeal is the thin wisp of silver that is misty and doesn’t have form. The corporeal is a clearly defined animal. The nature of the patronus is apparently effected by the caster’s personality and can change with life events. Tonk’s patronus changed to a wolf after she fell in love with Lupin.

Rowling’s writing also said that most times the patronus reflects hidden elements of a persons life. Which is why Snape’s patronus was tied to his love for Lily, a love that most didn’t know existed. She also says that no one knows what they’re patronus will be until it’s cast.

My Patronus – A Hedgehog.

Somehow I forgot about the specific patronuses that the Harry Potter characters produced, and imagined that the best had to be beastly strong creatures. Bears, Lions, and graceful things like phoenixes, were what i imagined to be the goal. When I answered the few questions on Pottermore and got a hedgehog, you can imagine the disappointment.

How could my patronus be in the form of such a timid and placid animal? I wanted an animal that had some fight in him. But is that even what the patronus is for? After re-educating myself through pottermore and J.K.Rowling’s tweets, I realized that the hedgehog was the perfect patronus.

Here’s why.

A Patronus is rarely in the form of a likely creature.

Rowling goes on to say that Professor Spangle figured out that someone who came across the likes of inhuman evil would be forced to use resources from within that they may have never needed. They are using resources that are deep within and possibly unknown to. This is the reason the caster rarely feels a connection to the animal of their patronus.

A Patronus can change during the course of ones life.

As I mentioned before, life events can effect the patronus. It is quite normal for the patronus to take a different shape depending on whats going on in the persons life and in their character.

Magical creatures are uncommon.

Here I thought that a phoenix would be a likely option. I should have known that Dumbledore’s relationship with Fawkes, must have had an effect on his patronus. Not entirely surprised that he would have such a unique one, since he was such a special person anyway.

A rare and Magical patronus, does not effect the success of the charm.

Apparently, a wizard named Illiyus was famous for holding off an attack from an army of demeanors. His patronus was mouse.

Not everyone can produce a Patronus.

Lucky for me, I’m so talented.

Patronuses in Harry Potter series:

Harry Potter – Stag
Hermione Granger – Otter
Ron Weasley – Jack Russell Terrier
Ginny Weasley – Horse
Luna Lovegood – Hare
Cho Chang – Swan
Seamus Finnigan – Fox
Ernie Macmillan – Boar
Albus Dumbledore – Phoenix
Minerva McGonall – Cat
Severus Snape- Doe
James Potter – Stag
Lily Potter – Doe
Remus Lupin – Wolf
Nymphadora Tonks – Wolf
Arthur Weasley – Weasel
Dolores Umbridge – Cat
Aberforth Dumbledore – Goat
Kingsley Shacklebot – Lynx

That’s when I realized that a hedgehog is perfect. I’ve always wanted to snuggle one, spikes and all. There are so many hedgehog pet videos online, that I can’t help myself. It may not be a bear or something tough, but I think it fits my personality. Pretty cute on the inside with a spikey surface. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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