10 Beautiful Things Moms Do For Us

Although there’s still a bit of time until Mother’s Day, I wanted to take this opportunity to honor the birthday of the one and only in my life, my mom. Besides thanking her for the obvious (birthing me), I decided to compile a list of all the best qualities a mother could have, those of which I’ve personally witnessed through all these years by having a stellar one myself. Moms did everything for you when you were just a babe, but now as 20-somethings and on that crucial path to finding your own way, I feel that their job now is just as important to help us grow into conscious, knowledgeable, and kind human beings. So thanks, mom, for doing all of this.

1. They start sentences with, “You’re father wasn’t going to let you do this, but…”

Whatever follows this phrase, you know it’s going to be good news. Moms always know that when you really have your heart set on something, it’s okay to give in now and again, even if it was only endorsed by 50% of the ruling party.

2. They help you recognize the importance of family.

You know that family is important, but moms make sure you feel it in your bones. You’d sit through the lectures of ‘I never did x because I didn’t want to embarrass my family’ but silently think the same. Whenever you don’t have anything to do, a friendly suggestion for a family game night or movie night is always a good idea. Also, the little reminders to call your grandparents or visit your cousins don’t go unnoticed, and they are always worth it.

3. They love you unconditionally.

Sure, your mom may hint that you should pluck your eyebrows since they’re looking a bit like your great-grandmother’s or clean your room since it’s looking like a “disaster area,” but whether or not you get the hint, she’ll still love you anyway and maybe even occasionally brag about you on her Facebook page, flaws and all.

4. They pack your lunch every single day from elementary school until senior year of high school.

Okay, maybe that was just my mom… But she can make a mean turkey and cheese sandwich.

5. They hurt when you hurt, stress when you stress, and shine when you shine.

Great moms can’t help but feel what you are feeling. When you’re excited, they can’t stop smiling; when you’re nervous, they shake with anticipation. Whatever you’re feeling, they’re inherently connected to it and can’t let it go even if they tried.

6. They talk you through difficult situations.

Moms are always great people to vent to, and they’ll never judge if you start losing it; instead, they’ll offer cool advice and calming personal anecdotes. I remember when I had tried something on my own for the first time and failed miserably, she reminded me that “the first time you do something, it’s probably never going to be perfect. That’s the point of learning.”

7. They keep you in your place.

Sometimes you need a dash of reality or even a wakeup call, and only moms can execute them with flawless precision.

8. They do the worrying for you.

When I was young (okay, still an ongoing problem), I had a predilection for procrastinating important projects or assignments. Whenever I stayed up late to finish, my mom eventually got too tired to stay awake and went to bed – or at least tried to. She was always so concerned for me that she could never actually fall asleep until she heard me coming up the steps to my room and know that I had finally finished what I needed to do.

9. They indulge your cravings.

One of the best parts of coming home was opening the kitchen cupboard and seeing Reduced Fat Wheat Thins in between all those other useless snacks. Don’t ask why I love Reduced Fat Wheat Thins so much. I just do, and my mom knows that better than anyone and won’t forget it.

10. They leave you with lasting advice.

“Mother knows best.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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