10 Times That I Wished I Wasn’t A Raging Homosexual

Even though I’m a lesbian, I haven’t really taken the time to decide my thoughts on the whole issue of whether someone is BORN that way, or if they become that way, or even if they made the conscious choice to be that way because it looked like fun. The hows and whys of the issue don’t fancy my interest. It’s just the way it is and that’s that. However, there are several times in my lesbo life that I have sat there and thought “if only I wasn’t a raging homosexual…”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t ACTUALLY want to change the way I am. These seconds of questioning are just that. Seconds of questioning. It goes a little something like this: “Well…maybe I could just… I mean, guys are hot…when they wear skinny jeans… and have long hair… and when you can’t really tell if it’s a girl or a guy…is that weird?” or like this “He’s got his shit together… maybe it doesn’t matte- nope, no, Erica, no. There’s still a penis.” And then it’s over. Just mere seconds of debate and I’m back to square one. Not even my Father’s wish that I would “just find a nice boy” can change my feelings. Insecure boys lie and cheat, too, Father. But my Dad would be glad to know that there are some instances where I just wish I wasn’t such a gay-wad.


1. When I realized I live in St. Charles, Missouri.

Not because it’s a bad place to live if you’re gay and filming a documentary or something, because it’s totally not (at least in my own experience). But because the population of lesbians of interest to me that reside in St. Chuck is like negative 6432. Unless you get off on “flipping” the youngin’s, there are slim pickings in my ‘hood. Granted, St. Louis is not far, but when you’re already 6 drinks in, St. Louis is fucking far.

2. Almost every time I meet another lesbian.

Just kidding. Kinda. But really, wouldn’t that be some shit?

3. Every time I hear Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.”

I don’t care what any of you crazy Katy fans say, that song leaves legitimate lesbians with a horrible taste in their mouth, and so do girls who just kiss girls for the hell of it. Just because you got brave with a drink in your hand, and you hope your boyfriend don’t mind it, that doesn’t mean that lesbians everywhere don’t cringe at the idea of you unintentionally making a mockery of their lifestyle for attention. Hash tag PREACH.

4. When people have to vote on whether or not I am allowed to be married.

Because who the hell are you and why the hell does it matter to you who I marry?

5. When it becomes clear to me just how easy it is for my straight friends to pick people up.

Not that picking people up is at the top of my hobbies list, but this is serious. Again, this might have a lot to do with geography, or the places that I hang out, but it is no secret that there are at least double the options for those looking for the opposite sex at any given time. WTF?

6. When people get drunk and start asking lesbian sex questions.

If you’re my BFF, oranyone I remotely care about, then sure, ask your little heart away. I have no qualms with enlightening you about my life. But if you just met me, and the conversation of choice is like “I’ve never met a lesbian before, how do you??? And how do you?? And scissoring, scissoring, scissoring??” Just stop and turn me straight, okay?

7. When I got a part-time job.

I momentarily wished I was no longer a lesbian when I got a second job because it occurred to me that, for the first time in a really long time, I’d have to tell many new people that no, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I was dating a girl. You forget what it feels like to have to tell someone you barely know something that’s so personal, all because they were just trying to be nice and get to know you. In the end, there was no harm done. It’s just different. Besides, I’ve had a good streak of no one causing a stink about anything (as it should be), so I imagine it’s only a matter of time before someone pulls a shank on my ass when I totally offend them with my lesbian tendencies.

8. When someone asks if I’m the “girl or the guy in relationships.”

I don’t mean this in the sexual way – please refer to #6. This is a basic question, and I totally get why people ask it. But it does make me curse myself a little bit for the situation I am in. Not because I can’t choose. But because I have to check my make-up, my nails, my long hair, mini-skirts and tights. And then I have to roll my eyes.

9. When I’m in a relationship and there’s a bachelorette party for a mutual friend.

OK, this might sound extremely petty at first glance. But it’s a prime example of when, in a lesbian relationship, lines get blurry. If it was a girl and a guy in this situation, it would be clear who was to go to what. Not for same-sex couples, though. And a girls night? Or a night out with the boys? This stuff can really get in the way of a same-sex relationship if you don’t know where the boundaries are.

10. When girls I’m trying to befriend automatically assume I want their body.

I may think you’re beautiful, because I do believe that of my friends. But that doesn’t mean that I am at all into you physically. Okay, you’re right, I’m sorry that you think that’s harsh? Should I say that I AM into you physically? That makes you uncomfortable? No, it doesn’t? You’re ugly? Is that better? Still no? You’re beautiful AS A PERSON and I don’t want anything from you except a friendship? Does THAT make you happy? I mean, wait, what do you want from me here? I guess I don’t need girl friends anyway… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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