The Surprising Differences Between How Men And Women Use Online Dating

For the past few years, we have watched dating apps become the revolutionized way to meet someone. I bet we all thought it would make the world of dating a million times easier. But, when there’s a hundreds of potential matches at our fingertips, why has it created more dates than relationships? It’s because men and women use dating apps differently.

According to new study by mobile marketing app, Liftoff, men download dating apps more often than the average women, but women use them more frequently. Liftoff also discovered that six percent of more women are paying for extra services within an app than men. Liftoff’s Vice President of Marketing, Dennis Mink stated “it looks to us that men have a very strong interest in browsing but women have a stronger interest in finding a companion.” Many of us would agree with his statement, especially those in Generation Y. It seems that women take these apps more seriously. If men are constantly swiping, and women are hunting for their significant other, it will be a difficult journey to find a perfect match. Some people also use dating apps to meet hookups or even a strangely, a potential friend.

SF Weekly reported that as of 2015, there are 91 million people using dating apps internationally and two out of three of these users are men. Also, there are peaks of dating app usage in different seasons. Apparently, your dating profile should look the best in the spring, but why must we become superficial? Organic connections are dying fast and we should be careful not to let that slip away. The generations before us met their significant others organically, and it’s important for us to remember that too. I think that some people hide behind these apps and have relied on them too strongly. It’s going to be difficult for the younger generations that will grow up having this mindset.

Have you ever wondered if your match was truly single? According to WIRED, 42 percent of Tinder users are actually in relationships, and the majority of this statistic is men. This is pretty surprising considering it’s almost half of the app’s users. Now think about all of the other apps you use, this number may be pretty close within those apps too. Recently, Apple Watch released a dating app called Jack’d, for gay men. Now men can pretend to look at their watch while flirting at the same time. What dating app will be available on Apple Watch next?

I’ve also found it interesting that it will take us a second to match with someone, but hours to find a perfect article of clothing, especially via online shopping. We may only wear this piece of clothing a few times, but we will spend a lot of time with a person. Apps have already changed our world in numerous ways, who knows what the next decade will look like. At times, the internet of dating may seem bigger than the sea, and we have to remember not to get lost in it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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