6 Reasons Why Instagram Has Brainwashed Us All


Instagram has become an app that many of us can’t go a few hours without checking. It has given people the opportunity to become “insta-famous” and share their lives each day with a photo. The app now boasts over 150 million monthly users and will only continue to grow. But Instagram has brainwashed us in quite a few ways — ways we may not even realize.

1. Instagram Releases Insta-dorphins

Virtual happiness exists in the Instagram world because likes = happiness right? That’s how we have come to live our lives on a daily basis. If we don’t get enough likes on a picture, we say goodbye to the photo and hello to the delete button. These photos are clearly a result of an Insta-pulse, which is when we didn’t take any good pictures that day or night, but feel the need to post a mediocre one.

2. Food Has Taken Over

Food accounts have seriously taken over Instagram. Now people have created second Instagram accounts to show the world the savory and delicious looking “art work” they consume on a regular basis. On occasion I’ll upload some scrumptious food, but they never will top any of the pro foodie account’s posts. I’ve come to wonder if the people who own these fancy food accounts are broke and obese because If I was operating one, that’s exactly what I would be.

3. It’s All About the Caption

Your caption can make or break a picture. I rarely follow this rule but it’s proven to be true. If you take a decent picture but have a witty caption, you can bet on getting a ton of likes.

4. Some Users Have Committed a DWI (Driving While Instagramming)

Talk about another form of texting and driving. I’ve seen people take ridiculous selfies and videos while driving and even on their commute to work. Here’s some future advice for these people, please save those for Snapchat, since they only last a few seconds and not eternity.

5. We Try to Mimic Celebrities and Look Stupid

The queen of Instagram selfies obviously goes to Kylie Jenner. Now that she’s gotten her lips done and has a new hair style every week, she can’t help but take flawless selfies. Some people try way too hard and just need to accept that maybe only celebrities can pull these off.

6. People Use Instagram to Show Off

Some wealthy users feel the need to upload every new Louis Vuitton bag or pair or designer item they purchase. Check out Instagram user @itslavishbitch, he refers to his followers as “peasants” and uploads pictures of his cash in thousands.

Instagram has become an app we’ve come to love, but is clearly inhibiting our ability to live in the present. If you find yourself living through social media, maybe it’s time to make some changes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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