How To Survive The Post College Blues


Life after college is both exciting and strange. Getting used to the whole concept of being a “real person” with real responsibilities is definitely a change. Nothing compares to the college years, late nights with friends, parties on weekends, and learning with some really intelligent people around you, but unfortunately these times don’t last forever. I think it’s safe to say that graduating from college begins the first time in our lives we are completely independent and have so much to learn.

Accept change.

Moving back home with my parents wasn’t exactly ideal, but it gives me the opportunity to save up for my future NYC apartment. Some of my friends have already moved out or have made plans to soon. It’s strange to think that I won’t always be in the same town with my friends that I grew up with or waking up with roommates and an entire college campus filled with friends and activities around me. But, that’s part of growing up. At some point, everyone will go their separate ways but it’s important to accept change because our lives will forever be evolving. And for these exciting changes of being a young professional to happen, we need to be open to letting go of the past and welcome the future.

Take advantage of the weekends.

It’s been five months since I graduated college and I’m still getting used to this new life. Working all week long means that weekends are extremely sacred and I’ve learned to plan them wisely.  Oh yeah, and my sleep schedule is a bit different. Make sure to cherish those three day weekends without classes on Friday, because I hate to say it, those are long gone. It’s important to make time for fun events on the weekend, which give us something to look forward to. No longer do thirsty Thursday’s exist in my vocabulary, they are simply a memory of the past. But now I can explore the happy hour culture after work which is a great way to make friends, socialize and relax after a long day. It’s scary to think that for the rest of our lives, we’ll be working until we retire. Luckily, our lives are just getting started and we don’t have to worry about that for a long time.

Live it up.

Before life gets all serious and we start thinking about marriage, it’s important to live it up. This is the time in our lives when we’re making money and can enjoy the privilege of exploring a new city and some fun nights out. Take that extra shot of fireball and say YES to that date. If you’re single, embrace it and make the best of your independence. If you’re in a relationship, that’s great too but make sure to always be present for your friends. Because friendships are the best things we have. I hate seeing people that get into relationships and stop having a social life, it’s like you’re wasting away your youth. Sometimes you have to be a little selfish and do what’s best for you. No one else is living your life, so why not make the best of it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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