12 Trendy Gifts For The Travel Lovers In Your Life

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We all have that adventurous, globetrotting friend or family member. The explorer. The jet-setter. The person who views traveling to new places as a top priority in life. Every travel-lover needs an arsenal of products that will make their journey a little smoother, which is why a globetrotter is so easy to shop for. This holiday season, you can give the travel lover in your life a gift that is not only useful for their travels but also helps them think of you whenever they use it while you’re worlds apart. From functional travel essentials and vacation clothing to travel-sized products and airplane essentials, we’ve got you covered. The best gifts will make their long trips easier or inspire future adventures, and all of these companies offer express shipping for the holidays and mobile services. So, if one of your loved ones is the type who is always planning their next getaway, below are the perfect gifts.

1. Maui Jim Sunglasses

A quality pair of sunglasses is essential for a traveler, but most travelers, unfortunately, pack poor quality sunglasses instead of good ones such as Maui Jims. The globetrotter in your life will be obsessed with their new Maui Jim sunglasses, and a pair of these will truly be the perfect gift. This is because the lenses of these sunglasses are engineered with an advanced technology in polarized lenses. They are unique in that they show the wearer the full-color spectrum so that all 16,777,216 hues of beautiful color can be taken in when viewing stunning scenery on vacation. While watching a colorful sunset or enjoying lush scenery in Hawaii, for example, they will suddenly see the colors more vividly with their Maui Jim sunglasses on. In other words, these high-quality sunglasses with polarized plus technology don’t just protect someone’s eyes while traveling – they’re vision-enhancing lenses that allow a traveler to see their surroundings in vivid color, clarity, and detail. Every pair is polarized and will protect the wearer’s eyes from 100% of UVA and UVB rays while keeping them looking fashionable with trendy and stylish frames.

2. Birchbox Travel Kit Subscription

Birchbox is one of the best subscription boxes a traveler can have, and a subscription makes a great gift. Birchbox subscribers will receive monthly boxes of travel essentials or travel-sized skincare, grooming, and makeup products. Boxes include fun collections such as their Sun Bunny Travel Set and their Sport Essentials Travel Kit. Birchbox fills their boxes with functional travel accessories and travel-sized products from quality brands like Kiehl’s, Philosophy and MAC Cosmetics.

3. Joules Waterproof Packaway Jacket

Any traveler who often travels to tropical destinations needs a packaway jacket in case of rain or unpredictable weather conditions. One minute, it’s sunny and hot – and the next minute, it starts raining. The tropics are like this, especially for adventurous travelers who enjoy hiking up into the mountains. A packaway jacket is a lightweight jacket that doesn’t take up a lot of space – or add a lot of weight – in a traveler’s suitcase. This NAVSPOT|Golightly Packaway Waterproof Jacket from Joules actually folds into its own pocket, so it can easily fit in a traveler’s backpack or purse. It’s waterproof, it has a hood and waterproof pockets, it’s incredibly light and it even comes in a variety of fun and fashionable prints.

4. Herschel Power Carry-On Luggage

The travel-lover in your life will think you’re amazing if you give them a brand new carry-on luggage that also charges their devices. Luggage wears out very quickly (especially the wheels) making it less functional and harder to maneuver through an airport. That’s why this Herschel carry-on is the perfect gift. The Herschel Trade Luggage Power is not only a chic and modern design, but it also has exceptional utility functions and is the accepted carry-on size for all airlines. This luggage has the premium multi-directional wheels, a durable hard shell, and a built-in phone charger in the form of a USB-A port, which keeps any mobile device charged along the journey. The luggage’s USB-A charging port comes with a compact and removable battery and charging cable. This is one of the best gifts you could get for a traveler.

5. Luxe Long-Lasting Pedicure

Anyone traveling somewhere warm needs a pedicure right before they hit the road. If someone will suddenly be wearing sandals when they’re used to hiding their feet in winter boots, they’ll desperately need a foot makeover. Since they can no longer hide their feet, they’ll need their feet polished up and toenails painted to match their favorite pair of sandals. Since this pedicure is a gift, don’t just get them a gift certificate for a regular pedicure at a regular nail salon. Get them a luxe pedicure, so they can really treat themselves before their trip. For example, Luxe Beauty Lounge has a Diamond and Gold Pedicure or a Warm Jelly Pedicure. They also have extra long-lasting gel polish, that will last throughout an entire vacation without chipping off.

6. Saje Pocket Farmacy

The Saje Pocket Farmacy is a remedy convenience kit, and it’s pretty much the only way a traveler can bring a pharmacy with them everywhere they go. These essential oils act like medicine, whenever a traveler has an upset stomach from eating foreign food, a sore throat from breathing in airplane recirculated air, or a headache from lack of sleep and over-stimulation. Think of it as a natural pharmacy that is pocket-sized and helps them take care of themselves on the road. The Saje Pocket Farmacy includes: Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy, Immune Germ & Virus Fighting Remedy, Eater’s Digest Digestion Easing Remedy, Stress Release Tension Reducing Remedy and Pain Release Analgesic Remedy.

7. Too Faced Travel Sized Makeup Kit

Too Faced cosmetics is one of the best makeup brands out there, but their full-sized products can be heavy and take up a lot of room in a traveler’s bag. Luckily, Too Faced has tons of travel sized products that are perfect for the globetrotter’s makeup bag. For example, this Passport to Bronze makeup kit includes a travel-sized makeup brush and a few different shades of bronzer (in case of a suntan) that are the cutest-ever miniature sizes.

8. HoodiePillow

A memory foam travel pillow is also a hoodie, thanks to HoodiePillow. The Travel HoodiePillow is the perfect travel neck pillow for airplane rides or long road trips. It is made out of soft and comfortable sweatshirt material and provides comfortable on-the-go neck support and privacy (with the hood). The neck pillow contains an extremely comfortable memory foam pillow. The adjustable drawstrings on HoodiePillow help it stay in place (so that you don’t lose it) and the drawstrings can also be pulled tighter to create extra eye coverage and to block out the world around you. This is a very unique and fun gift for any trendy traveler.

9. Sunscreen Primer from Zo Skin Health

Most travelers pack sunscreen, but not very many travelers have a high-quality, skin hydrating sunscreen. Zo Skin Health has non-greasy, physician-formulated sunscreens that protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays while hydrating the skin to prevent dryness. This Sunscreen Primer is an SPF 30 skin-perfecting, quick-drying sunscreen with a sheer matte finish. A universal tint and a silky, lightweight finish help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections while protecting the skin from the sun. It can be used alone or worn under makeup, and offers broad-spectrum sun protection.

10. Stella & Dot Expandable Tote Bag

Most airlines allow you to bring one piece of carry-on luggage, and one personal bag such as a tote bag. This year, give someone you love the perfect expandable travel tote in the form of Stella & Dot’s Getaway Tote. Not only is it adorably stylish, it’s also practical with water-resistant, wipeable fabric and a secret expansion option if they shop for souvenirs abroad and suddenly need more space. Simply unzip the expansion area and the bag suddenly has a ton of extra room. The Getaway Tote is the perfect carry-on addition, but it also doubles as a stylish and roomy beach bag or shopping bag.

11. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones

An adventurer can get clear, powerful sound and listen to music without anything getting in their way with these wireless, lightweight, bluetooth headphones. The Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are some of the world’s first truly-wireless earbuds. They’re comfortable and the buds are sized to fit inside the ear perfectly, and to stay put. They’re waterproof, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like or how much someone is sweating – they’ll still work.

12. Saje Arrive Revived Pocket Jet Lag Remedy

Saje Arrive Revived is a pocket-sized jet lag and travel remedy that really works. Arrive Revived is a balancing blend of essential oils that reduce drowsiness and fatigue while increasing alertness and minimizing the effects of jet lag. Travelers can apply this remedy oil to their temples, under their chin or on the soles of their feet to feel reinvigorated and re-energized. The scent makes a tired traveler feel awake, excited and refreshed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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