Never Apologize For Your Sass

Samilla Maioli
Samilla Maioli

I am convinced that the day I was born was the same day God looked down and said “Grant this child with an unruly sense of sass and the need to display it at every moment.” Well done, God.

My personality could be summed up as loud and unruly, but mixed with a whole lot of love and good intentions. I have received all the comments that beg me to just be a little quieter or hold my opinion in just once or try not to be friends with everyone that I pass on the street.

I learned to apologize when my tone went a little to high, hide my head after a remark went a little to far, and pass up conversing with people due to how my overly bubbly and loud personality may come across.

For a long time, when the word sassy was used to describe me as a person I would get a little bit offended. The word sassy has such a negative tone to it, as if someone is trying to insult your personality altogether.

The definition of sassy is, “lively, bold, and full of spirit.” WHOA, HOLD THE PHONE. If I had looked up THIS definition of the word a long time ago, I would have smiled ear-to-ear any time someone chose to throw this word my way.

I am lively. I am bold. I am full of spirit.

So if you’re sitting here nodding your head in agreement, stop apologizing for your sassy personality. You are the one who makes people comfortable when they walk into a room, you are the one whose voice gets heard and gets stuff down, and you are the one who people are going to remember because you held your head high and weren’t afraid to let your personality speak for you.

DO. NOT. APOLOGIZE. FOR. YOUR. SASS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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