If You Think Calling Me A ‘Millennial’ Is An Insult, Think Again

Aranxa Esteve
Aranxa Esteve

A millennial is defined as an individual born between the years of 1982 and 2004. BUT COME ON, what a boring way to define a generation who is up and coming, adventurous, and willing to go the extra mile.

Unfortunately not everyone sees a millennial through the correct lenses. In fact, society and those who raised this generation have an easier time throwing the word millennial around as if it was an insult that should send the individual down a walling pit of despair.

Being a millennial empowers me – a generation of people who are willing to go out there and work, but who aren’t afraid to pick up and leave to continue on the search for whatever this life may have for us.

When I look around at my fellow millennials, I see visionaries, world changers, thrill seekers and people who want to go out there and make this world a better place. Very different to this concept that us millennials act as if we are “entitled.”

When the word millennial is thrown out like an insult, I think back to the word entitlement, which is defined as, “the fact of having a right to something.” Sure this word could be tied to a negative connotation when paired with a sassy, rude or stuck up attitude, but having a right to something – I can stand behind that.

I believe I do have a right to something – a right to go out into this world using all the talent, feelings, thoughts and emotions that I have built up over the years and give back to a world who has been so kind and forgiving to me.

I have a right to go out and work hard for what I want.

I have a right to take my young, bright mind to places that others may have never imagined.

So sure, try to insult me by calling me a millennial, but don’t you worry, I won’t be offended by being tied to a title that promotes a life I am chasing after. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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