The Power Of ‘No’

Sebastian Pichler
Sebastian Pichler

The word no is simply and clearly defined as, “used to give a negative response, not at all, to no extent.” With a word so blunt, yet powerful, it’s no wonder why people usually tip toe their way around using the word in reply to a statement, question or favor.

There is POWER in saying no. There is POWER in understanding that we have the choice to walk away without thinking we should have substituted the word no for the word yes.

As someone who feels every emotion so deeply, I have quickly learned that feeling to a great extent is such a blessing and a curse. Sure, I have the ability to love and care for others without limits, but when it comes to using the word “no”, I struggled with what kinds of emotions that word would evoke from others.

Fast-forward to today and “no” is on my list of my top ten favorite things to say without any selfish connotation tied along to it.

While lending time, skills, words and thoughts to others allows an individual to be such a ray of hope in someone’s life, it can often prevent that person from lending those things back to themselves. I found myself lending so much out to others, that when it came to lend back to myself, I had nothing else to give. My resources were completely diminished and while I knew so many others were benefiting, I knew I had to help build myself up also.

Finding the power behind the word no does not mean you are selfish or that you prefer putting yourself before others. Finding the power behind the word no allows us to understand that when our tank of resources is nearing it’s end, we can use this word as a way to make sure we take the time and effort needed to replenish the tank to its full capacity.

Now that I’ve been able to use this word for good, I like to think of the definition as, “used to give an appropriate response, not at this moment, but soon.”

Saying no should not leave us feeling guilty or condemned. We are able to take a moment to make sure we are telling ourselves yes once in a while. At this point, we are then able to move forward with the understanding that both words can reap such incredible benefits. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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