24 Movie And TV Show Moments That Scared The Hell Out Of Every Kid Who Saw Them

1. The Rowers Keep On Rowing

“Willy Wonka’s Scary Tunnel.”


2. This Craziness In Rugrats



Frickin’ Rugrats.”


3. Ring Lust

“When Bilbo freaks out and tries grabbing the ring from Frodo and his face gets all scary and shit.”


4. Don’t Drink, Kids

“Pink elephants on parade.”


5. Toaster Fever Dream

The Brave Little Toaster is terrifying pretty much start to finish.”


6. The Scene That Introduced Kids To Death

“Sick E.T.”


7. Your Angry Shadow

“Doodlebob from SpongeBob always scared young me.”


8. The Death Of A Toon

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit… the scene where the bad guys put those poor little boots into the acid and melt them. God, I really hate that movie.”


9. Welcome To God’s Wrath

“The Nazi face-melting/head-exploding scene when the ark is opened in Raiders of the Lost Ark.”


10. No Face

“No Face from Spirited Away terrified me as a kid. My dad tried to get me to finish it and told me a story about how he used to be afraid of throwing out the garbage because he thought someone would be outside waiting for him. So then I was scared of No Face and taking out the trash at night.”



11. First Alien Sighting In “Signs”

“I don’t consider Signs a horror movie, more sci-fi/thriller, but that one particular scene scared the bejesus out of me, still does.”


12. The Scene That Showed You Can Lose Your Best Friend

“Lots of scenes in the never ending story. Death of Artax. The wolf. The world ending and the princess screaming.

I miss the 80s rating system. Pg13 meant booties and scary ass stuff.”


13. Living Dolls And Other Mother

“Everything in Coraline. My parents showed me that when I was way too young.”



14. Pollution Personified

“When I was a kid, that black oil monster thing from Ferngully scared the crap out of me.”


15. The Horrors Of Transformation

“The transformation scene in Pinocchio.

Not only is the atmosphere of that park the same as you’d get from two layers into a fever dream, but let’s throw in a character losing their humanity for good measures. And let’s show every step of it.

Feeling his grip on everything he knew was human fade away. His mind, his ability to call for help, to be able to communicate. The one thing we have above the animals, gone.

His last thoughts being that of his mother, a mother that he would never see again, and who wouldn’t recognize him, nor be able to help him. Would he even remember her?

He struggles in vain as his very being is twisted beyond his control. He fights it, but it’s for nothing. He’s being locked inside a form that is alien to him, a form that he doesn’t have control over, a form that makes him something lesser.

But did they stop there?

No, of course not. The sequel has Pinocchio turning back into a puppet with the exact same process going through his ever solidifying mind with a single tear soaking into the wood he thought he’d escaped.

So yeah, fuck that shit.”


16. The Sound Of Danger

“When I was a kid the drums in Jumanji scared the shit out of me.”


17. The Scene That Almost Made Star Trek A Horror Franchise

“The earwig scene in Wrath of Kahn.”


18. So Disgusting

“Dark Crystal – the Skeksis.”


19. Children Nearly Eaten Alive

“Jurassic Park. The scene with the raptors in the kitchen.

I still have nightmares about dinosaurs cause of that.”


20. The Destructive Power Of Madness

“Why so serious scene in The Dark Knight, saw that in cinemas on the day of release, my butthole is still clenched.”


21. The Pale Man

“I think the best horror scene ever filmed was from a non-horror movie. Pan’s Labyrinth, the Pale Man.”


22. A Troop Of Monkeys Trying To Tear You Apart

“In Catching Fire there’s a point that Katniss is in the chimp sector of the arena and she sees them descending, and then the camera pans slightly and a massive chimp is just sitting there and lets out massive screech. Haven’t cried in a public theater since.”


23. Not Quite Flying Monkeys But Close

“The Return to OZ.



24. A Creepy Villain Way Ahead Of His Time

“The child catcher scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

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