34 People Share The Most Disturbing, Messed Up Thing That Ever Happened In Their Own Hometown

29. The murder of Blake and Mary-Joe Hadley

The murder of Blake and Mary-Joe Hadley. Their son murdered them with a hammer and then had a party after dragging their bodies into their bedroom.

This happened a few years ago.

In 2001 a patient killed four people by snapping their necks and stomping on spines at a psychiatric hospital I used to work at.

The nurse was beaten to death the night of the attack, but the other 3 elderly people were not so lucky.

The first patient died the day after the April 10 attacks, but hospital officials originally attributed his death to cancer. The other two languished for up to four days before they died.


30. Mixing Up Concrete

Read a true crime novel about a man that murdered his estranged wife, chopped up her body into pieces, then mixed them into a couple of blocks of concrete, which he then disposed of in nearby lakes. I knew it happened in my hometown before I even read about it, but I had no idea how close the guy lived. It was a 5-minute drive from my place.


31. The Richardson Family Murders

My hometown has a pretty interesting one,

Back in 2006, a 12-year-old girl was dating a 23-year-old guy. They met at a punk rock show and were both pretty heavily into the goth scene. Not sure if most other cities had that kind of culture around that time, but my hometown sure did. Now, this guy was a bit of a nutcase. He literally thought he was a 400-year-old werewolf, and often wore a vile of blood around his neck. This girl was going through a rebellious stage and didn’t seem to care that her boyfriend was so much older than her. Naturally, her parents did not approve of this relationship, and often would ground her or take away her computer/phone privileges in hopes of putting an end to their relationship.

This was before texting, facebook, and other social media websites were a commonly used medium for communication. So they used the websites Nexopia, and VampireFreaks to send messages to each other. They declared their love for each other and basically stated that they would be together, no matter who wanted to pull them apart. Eventually, though, the girl got so tired of her parents disapprove of her relationship that she told her boyfriend they should do something about it.

Fast forward a bit, when a small neighborhood child walks over to the girl’s house, in hopes of seeing if her brother (who was 8 years old) could play, he sees something in the basement window…dead bodies. The cops come and discover the mother and father stabbed and dead in the basement. They go upstairs and discover the 8-year-old boy in his bed, dead, with his throat slit. Absolutely gruesome scene. The girl is nowhere to be found. At first, it is thought that she had been abducted, and an amber alert was put out. However, when the police went to the girl’s school, they found drawings in her locker of her killing her parents. Likewise, when they searched her accounts on Nexopia and VampireFreaks, they found messages between the guy and girl that stated they intended to kill her parents so they could be together.

Basically, the guy got high and drunk, snuck over with a knife, climbed in through a window, killed both her parents in the basement, and then they both figured they should kill her brother too. The testimony of how and why this happened is still debated here to this day. They were both caught the next day in a different city. The guy was sentenced to life in prison and remains there to this day. Because the girl was so young, she served 10 years under a rehabilitation program, and was then deemed to not be a threat to society, and is now released. She has a different name, and was pursuing a university degree last I heard. I do not believe the two have any contact anymore, but my hometown will never forget that day in April.



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