41 Adults Share The One Thing That Mortally Terrified Them As A Kid

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1. Pet Alligators Fighting Bedroom Monsters

Like a lot of kids, I thought something lived under my bed that was only active when the lights were out. I had this whole thing made up in my head that I had imaginary pet alligators. When my lights were turned out I pretended my room filled with water and as long as I “fed” my gators they’d float around and protect me from the monsters.


2. ADHD Hallucinations

When I was younger like five, I took meds for ADHD and I had a couple hallucinations a child shouldn’t have, one time I was going to bed and I turn the lights off and run up my bed but later I noted a boar at floor level (bunk bed) so I ran down and it chased me to the light switch, another hallucination was in the middle of the night I wake up to tons of different spiders ranging from 1 cm to a foot tall and I ran out to the living room screaming bloody murder, I’m positive I terrified my dad that time because he was holding me and I was screaming don’t let them near me and what not.


3. The Beast Under The Bed

I thought Beast, from the live action show Beauty and the Beast, lived under my bed. I was always scared that I had somehow hurt that chick and he was going to kill me.


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