35 Men And Women Share The One Hilarious And Offbeat Compliment That Absolutely Made Their Day

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1. But Not Now

“God, I fucking hated you at first.”


2. Mom, The Wingwoman

“A drunk woman once slurred, ‘I like the shape of your head!’

I have to give her points. That is an original compliment I have not heard before.

As an added fun thing, my mother was present, and without missing a beat she said, ‘Thanks! I made that!’

Good job, Mom. That is some top-notch wingman-ing.”


3. Damn, Papi!

“I currently work at a Pizza shop and I was rolling out the dough for an order when the main chef, Ernesto, walks by and says to my face, ‘Damn Papi, you sure can pound that dough!'”


4. Weird Looking

“A drunk girl in a bar bathroom came out of the stall and goes ‘woooow you’re so weird looking, but like, in a pretty way.'”


5. You Look Like One Though

“You’re really not as much of an asshole as you look.”


6. The envy of the ladies

“‘Your eyelashes are so long.’

Am a guy and did not realize that having long eyelashes was desirable and just kinda went with it.”


7. Pretty Blue

“Your eyes are bluer than a recycling bin.”


8. The Cute Toot

“I was going out to lunch with a girl I really liked in high school. While I was driving I had an urgent need to fart. I tried to hold it, OP, I really did but it was no use. I let out a long, high pitched, whistling fart. I immediately went red in the face and apologized profusely. I wanted to die.

She just laughed for about 10 seconds and said ‘Don’t worry, it was cute.'”


9. Watch Me

“‘I fuckin’ love the way you eat!’

Oh. Ok, well.. I’ll just finish this sweet and sour pork and you can uh, watch me.

She just laughed for about 10 seconds and said ‘Don’t worry, it was cute.'”


10. Nice Legs, Dude

“I was told that I have nice legs. For a guy it’s strange to hear. Never really noticed until I actually looked in the mirror. I do!”


11. Nice Back!

“A girlfriend once told me I have a nice back. I have yet to see it, but I bet it’s impressive.”


12. The Smell Of Avocado

“‘This smells like your penis,’ while holding an avocado.

I dunno. She said it was a good thing.”


13. You Should Be On The Radio

“‘You have a pleasant speaking voice You should be on the radio or something.’ Said to me by someone who I just met. Totally random but it made my day.”


14. Anime

“‘You look like an anime character.’



15. Ouch or Thanks?

“‘You’re the type of guy I’d marry, not date.’

My stance on this one is constantly changing though.”


16. It Was The Only Thing He Ever Said

“Second day of my freshman year in high school. I’m in my Introduction to Information Technology class. Teacher is calling role, gets to me name, I say “present” cause ‘here’ is overrated. Kid in front of me whips around, looks at me and says ‘Dude… Your voice sounds like the kind of voice I would hear if I called a number to get my computer fixed.’ I took that as a compliment. Guy never talked to me again after that. It was weird.”


17. At The Office

“Since you started working here, this office has smelled really nice.

By my boss’ boss.

Now I read it, it feels a bit odd!”


18. Beauty For The Blind

“If I had to describe beauty to a blind person, I would give them your face in Braille.”


19. Looking Good Ms. Standsupstraight!

“Someone once told me randomly that I have very good posture, which made me feel pretty great.”


20. The Most Dangerous Game

“‘You would be very difficult to kill. I couldn’t overpower you, you are paranoid about poison, and you can get out of any knot.’ Coming from my best friend. It wasn’t out of the blue, we were brainstorming ways to kill each other. As, you know, hypothetical created by boredom.”


21. Sexy Ears

“‘You have lovely feet and sexy ears.’

I don’t know why it is flattering for me.”


22. Fresh Smelling

“You smell fresh. Not nice or bad but just fresh.”


23. Last Man Standing

“A guy I used to argue with a lot in high school once told me something along the lines of ‘We may have our differences, but you are one of the few people, if given the option, I’d not kill.’ I was genuinely touched.”


24. Backhanded

“Your tits are pretty small. He was drunk and went on to slur something about big boobs having veins and falling into women’s armpits during sex.”


25. It’s All In The Abs

“In the locker room in high school a guy bet his friend he couldn’t beat me in a fight and the guy agree with him. Felt pretty good at the time, since didn’t play any sports and have never trained to fight, I just had pretty good abs at the time.”


26. Juicy

“When I was about 15 a guy I thought was incredibly attractive was sitting across from me while a group of us was eating lunch together.

I was eating an orange and suddenly he just stopped talking and stared at me. I was suddenly super self conscious and I was like ‘What?’ He’s said ‘That is the sexiest I’ve ever seen anyone eat an orange.'”


27. Unselfishly Selfish

“You’re selfish and a bit of a dick, but like in a really not actually selfish way.”


28. Well, she does

“You chew your gum like you own it.”


29. It’s Like Hearing An Author Describe You

“‘You have a really nice speaking voice, soothing, like you should be on the radio.’ Then they just made me talk at length so they could listen.

I have received this one more than once and I realized that sometimes the best compliments don’t pad your ego/vanity, but instead they show you something only other people can perceive.

It’s refreshing to hear these compliments, like hearing the words an author would write to describe a character, but about your own traits.”


30. At least they noticed

“Patient of mine told me her poop was green, ‘like my eyes.’ I was flattered

I like it when people notice I have green eyes.”


31. A Perfectly Adequate Compliment

“You are exceptionally tolerable.”


32. Dating Tips

“You could bang a bunch more girls if you weren’t so nice.”


33. The Right Kind

“You’re an asshole, but you’re the right kind of asshole.”


34. Eighties Hot

“A guy told me once that I was ’80’s hot.’ That definitely put some pep in my step since I love the ’80s and I’m very sad that I missed them.”


35. Always Nice To hear

“‘Holy crap, you’re way smarter than I thought!’ After telling one of my classmates my graduating high school GPA. Um…thanks?”

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