24 Men And Woman Share Their True Creepy Phone Call Stories That Freak You The Eff Out

“I’m Amaaaazzzing”

Back when I was in high school I was into musical theater. Our community theatre had just finished Seussical the Musical in which I was the lead. I met a friend from a neighboring city named Lindsey. She was the female lead in the cast. Lindsey and I hit it off from the start. She was funny, beautiful, and could sing like an angel. We had a great time at rehearsals and started to hang out afterwards. We would go out to eat or to the park just to get away. Though we never got romantically involved because she was a female actress in the cast, if timing would have been right it might have been a different story.

The show weeks came and went and we stayed in touch. She would call from time to time and tell me how she had started a new play or found a new song she loved. Eventually it dwindled down to the occasional text or email. The last phone call I received from her was to tell me she got accepted into the New York University theatre program and that she would be moving there after the summer was over.

A couple weeks before the semester was supposed to start I was startled when I received a call from her at 3 am. She had never called that late before. I said “hello?” On the other end it was a little staticky but I could her okay. She said “Hey sweetie how or you?” She sounded a little off. “Okay, just a little sleepy” I said in a joking tone.”How are you? Is everything okay?” “I’m amaaazzzzing!” She said in a voice tinged with ecstasy.

She dragged the word out a little too long. It was odd because I knew she was never took any drugs or anything. “Well I will call you tomorrow and talk to you then. I’m pretty tired.” I said. “Okay, bye my love.” She said in almost a whisper. She only ever called me that when she was drunk. I said goodbye and hung up. I lay in bed thinking that it was a little odd that she would call me that late but thought nothing of it and fell asleep.

I received a call at 8 am from a friend of ours.” Hello? Todd?” In her voice I could hear a distinct sadness. “Yea. What’s wrong?” I said. I was worried because she is usually an upbeat person. “Todd, I don’t know how to tell you this but…..Lindsey is dead…” She said. I was in shock so I asked the only questions I could muster. “When….how..?” My friend said “Yesterday she went to a Dave Matthews band concert with her sister. It was raining at the concert. She was driving herself home in the rain and lost control. Her car hit a tree and she died instantly.” “What time did she die?” I asked. I can’t imagine how weird a question that must have been. “Around 10 pm last night.” I froze, speechless.

I know that she called me at 3 am last night, I thought. I told my friend I would call her back and hung up. I immediately checked my call log for the phone call from Lindsey. Nothing. No missed calls. No outbound calls. No calls at all that night. Nothing. I sat there in shock. “I know she called.” I said aloud. It just didn’t make sense. It wasn’t a dream because I remember waking up and looking at the clock.

Later that day I went to see all her friends and family to discuss the viewing and funeral. I told them what had happened and what she said. They all just sat there in. Her sister broke the silence “That is how she left. During the concert she lifted her head and let the rain fall on her face. She looked so peaceful and happy.” “That is how she sounded on the phone.” I said. “Just at ease.”

The funeral was beautiful. Tons of people form friends to family were there. She would have been very happy to see how it all looked. To this day I can still hear her voice every once in awhile. It brings a tinge of sadness but also hope that there is something better when we leave this world. All I can say is that when my time comes my family and friends will know that I am “Amaaazzzing”……..



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