24 Men And Woman Share Their True Creepy Phone Call Stories That Freak You The Eff Out

The Phone In Room 9325

I used to work graveyard front desk at a luxury hotel (has something to do with “the mouse”) I have several stories of haunted rooms but this best from that particular job.

One night, around 10 pm, the swing shift managers were still there and I was manning the back office telephone answering guest questions. The phone rang from room 9325 (not the real room number.) “This is odd.” I thought because at that time all the rooms in building 9 had been stripped down for rehab. There was not even chair left in those room and the entire building was barricaded by 6 foot tall construction walls.

I answered the phone and it was silent on the other end. I hung up and informed my managers (two women in their late 20s) and they decided to go out to the building and make no one was in the building (for safety reasons)

They came back 20 minutes later. Nothing. But they were scared outta their minds. They go home after 11 and my phone rings again. Same room. Same silence. This time I have to contact the “duty manager” or the only manager in charge of the resort at night. He’s a housekeeping manager and I tell him what is up.

He calls security and his “house boy” to go up with him. I get a phone call from him a few minutes later “D, I’m coming down, get the Crisis keys” The Crisis keys are the only hard keys we have that unlock the deadbolts on the doors when guests have looked themselves in the room.

He gets the keys and 30 minutes later when he returns, he says that when he arrived at the room with security, the door was deadbolted and the connecting room door was shut. He sat a security host outside the door and the house boy by the connecting door while he came to the get the keys from me. When he returned with the keys and unlocked the deadbolt, he tried to open the door but couldn’t because it felt like someone was holding it closed on the other side. Finally the door gave way and slammed open to an empty room. Nobody in the room.



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