21 People Who’ve Seen Some Shit Share The Most Gruesome Thing They’ve Ever Encountered In Real Life

10. Decades Of Marriage Ended By A BMW Driver

“A while back, I made a deal with a friend to meet him in front of the city zoo to go for a ride with our motorbikes. While waiting, parked on the curb, I saw the traffic stop both ways at a pedestrian crossing, to let an old couple cross the street. Grandpa and grandma, of the typical nice old people variety, nice winter coats, caps and all, crossed. The two car lanes are flanked by two tram lanes. An idiot in a BMW SUV came tearing around the stopped traffic along the tram lane, doing probably close to 100km/h, plowing straight into the couple. Sent the grandpa flying, and knocked the grandma down. The old man was pretty obviously killed immediately, or at least severely injured and unconscious. The old lady kept on trying to sit up, crying and wailing inconsolably. People rushed over, including me, helped, putting them into the recovery position, called for the ambulance and the police, for what little good it did. No excess blood, no gore, just one of the most emotionally crushing things I ever saw in my life. Imagine a whole life together, all the challenges surmounted, marriage that survived decades, wars, political systems rising and falling, all the trials of life, all erased on a warm summer autumn night, at the squeeze of the gas pedal, by a fool who would not wait for half a minute. Their nice, tidy, neat clothes all torn and destroyed, everything ending in pain and horror, face down on dirty asphalt.

Not much of a tough biker that night – I had tears flowing down my face, and I think my heart broke audibly.”


11. A Seadoo And A Boat Play CHicken

“Seen a few things. Guys were playing chicken with a seadoo and boat. Guy in the boat ran over the guy on the seadoo. Blades diced him well and it was a nice sight for all us kids. Junior high a kid jumped down from closed bleachers and got his arm hooked on a volleyball net hook. Opened his arm from his elbow to his wrist with bone and muscle in sight.”


12. A Horrific First Memory

“My first memory as a child.

I remember my mom reading me bedtime stories when the front door downstairs slams shut. My drunk father enters, so my mom walks down the stairs. She confronts him, I hear yelling. But soon my mom comes back to read the story, I believe it was Bambi. After a few minutes, my father is in the doorway carrying a case of beer. My mom goes to take him downstairs after I pretend to be asleep. I hear my parents on the landing, yelling, then hear a loud thud. I crawl to the top of the stairs, covered in a blanket, out of sight, peeking through a gape in our railing. I see my mom at the middle landing, head covered in blood, eyes looking right into mine. My father is beating her with the case of beer and pulling her hair, beating her head into the wall and railing. I proceed to watch my father drag my mother down the stairs, covered in blood as she tried to run up them crying. She kept telling me she was sorry, my father didn’t notice my presence.”



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