43 People Share The Most Hilariously Dumb Things They’ve Ever Heard Someone Else Say

via Unsplash – Frank McKenna


“‘Why is Alaska cold and Hawaii hot if they’re both next to each other?’

Girl I was in the military with. Some US maps have Alaska in its own frame next to Hawaii to save space. She believed Alaska was its own frozen island literally next to Hawaii.

If I remember correctly, she also believed lions were the males and tigers the females of one species.”



“My sister thinks Canada is a US state, doesn’t know the difference between countries and states, and once told me the capital of the United States is California. She’s 21 years old.”



“Conversation I had in the break room at work:

Coworker: ‘My doctor says I need to eat more iron. Isn’t that, like, a metal? Why would I eat metal? I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about.’

Middle-aged woman. Has two kids.”



“Sister told her ex that she was anemic. He looked really concerned and asked her ‘How long have you had an eating disorder?’

She laughed and said no its when you don’t have enough iron. Still confused he replied, ‘… you throw up just your iron?'”



“Didn’t tornadoes go extinct!?”



“In a high school history class discussing 2001 riots. The teacher mentions they used horses to break up the crowds. A girl in the back then says, ‘Ohh, duh, because they didn’t have cars then.’

She was alive in 2001… for quite a few years.”


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