17 Men Vent About The Most Infuriating Male Stereotypes That They’re Sick To Death Of Hearing

via Lookcatalog
via Lookcatalog

1. Men Are All The Same

That we’re all the same when it comes to relationships.

That we’re fuckbois.

That we can’t be trusted as parents to look after a child without the mother.

That we shouldn’t cry because it diminishes us as a man.


2. That Women Are Always More Mature

My mom/sister are convinced that girls are more mature than guys.

In the meantime, my sister has girlfriends that got pregnant at 16 because they didn’t think it could happen during your first time. Plus, my sister is nearing 18 and keeps blaming everyone else for her problems.

Women and men are equally immature.


3. That Men Make More Money Just Because They’re Men

Men inherently make more money in the workplace since women earn $0.78 for every $1 a man makes.

Yes, sexism exists in our society. I agree that women face hurdles in their career which men do not. Diversity is important and should be encouraged. However, this statistic is grossly misunderstood and frequently misused creating a false picture of what’s actually happening in our culture.

This number is calculated by comparing the median income of men with the median income of women, not by occupation, but in aggregate across our economy. There is a difference between these two values (~$0.22) but what is ignored is the fact that some of the highest paid careers tend to be male dominated (engineering, computer science, etc) while careers dominated by women tend to be compensated less simply based on the nature of the position (childhood education, health services, etc).

It’s this trend that skews this value more than actual discrepancy in pay, which may exist in some instances, but is in no way a reason demonize men for making more than women solely because they’re men.

This article from the Washington Post backs this up.


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