19 Homeless People Share The One Secret About Themselves That Everyone Can Relate To

We are, all of us, human. Some of us have just fallen on harder times than others.

1. “I Surrendered My Kids To Save Them From Homelessness”

2. “I Have Stage 2 Lung Cancer”

3. “I Have A Biology Degree From WVU”

4. “I Have Huntington’s Disease”

5. “I Was On The Buffalo Bills Practice Squad”

6. “I was A Figured Skater”

7. “I Was Born Deaf”

8. “I’m Recovering From Open Heart Surgery”

9. “I Am A Computer Geek”

10. “I Went To Modeling School”

11. “I Once Had A Scholarship To Play Baseball”

12. “I Was A Personal Trainer”

13. “Lost It All Starting Over!”

14. “Epileptic Seizures For 10 Years…And Still Fighting!”

15. “I’ve Built Robots”

16. “I Am Homeless And I DO Have A Job”

17. “I’ve Saved At Least Three Lives”

18. “Me And My Son Escaped Domestic Violence”

19. “I Speak Four Languages”


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