I Stumbled Upon These Records Of A Fucked Up Internet Stranger, And The Person Who Dared To Claim His ‘Prize’

It started off simply enough, an anonymous challenge made to those browsing 4chan’s notorious /b/ sub, a prize hidden near rubble was promised.


The original poster making the challenge provided specific coordinates for the location of the “prize”.


And a broader view reveals that the location is in one of three apparently empty warehouses behind a seemingly abandoned old lot in Elizabethton, Tennessee in East Tennessee among the Tri-Cities. By the shape of the warehouses they may have once been airplane hangers.

The denizens of 4chan were understandably skeptical of the notion that there was any “prize” there at all and most assumed it was just another scam, someone trolling them for fun.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.28.04 PM

But the original poster promised the location was “warm” and that there were no cops around. He pressured people to come and claim the “prize.”



He then posted a disturbing picture.


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