41 Cases Of Hilarious Photo Sabotage By The Funniest Photoshop Champion Ever

1. Highlight My Face

2. Give Me A Social Life

3. Just Do Anything

4. Give Me Morning Hair

5. Make Me Iron Man

6. Jay-Z And Beyonce

7. Live Foxes Everywhere

8. Help Me Fit In

9. Fulfill My Dream Of Being In Space

10. Get Rid Of This Photobomber

11. Fix My Dirty Mirror Selfie

12. Give Me Big Boobs

13. Put Me In Star Wars

14. Change Our Pose

15. Make This A Crime Scene

16. Touching The Ship

17. Fun Achieved!


18. Cool And Tumblr

19. Thomas Will Get You

20. Make My BF Be More Interested

21. Make Her Higher Off The Ground

22. The Eyefell Tower

23. Make Me A Unicorn

24. No Confusion Now

25. A Dream Come True

26. The Best Legs

27. Make Me Taller

28. Taylor Swift

29. Holding Big Ben

30. The Kardashian Look

31. You Wouldn’t Be You

32. Fix My Neck

33. Just The Normal Guys

34. Bushy Eyebrows

35. Cut Out My Bum

36. The Girl In The Violet Skirt

37. No Pranks!

38. Something To Jump Away From

39. Jew Peter

40. Gimme Some Abs

41. Make My Booty Bigger

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