19 Terrifying Tales Of Urban Legends Coming To Life

14. The Rock And The Shrine

So about my 3rd year in Japan I move to a small town. I am living way up in the woods north of the little town I work in. It is a narrow winding road with a river on one side and a steep mountain on the other. The road is so narrow that there are places to pull over and wait if another car is coming.

One night I am heading home after work, keeping in mind that if I see a car heading towards me I (or they ) have to pull over. I am heading north with the river on my left and mountain on my right. I get to this place that the road curves to the left with a big rock on the left side of the road, right at the curve. I see car lights of a white taurus type car to the left of the rock (kind of over the river) coming from the other side and so I pull over to wait for them to pass.

I keep waiting for them to come around the rock (which has a small shrine in it) but they never come. Huh. Weird… but there are a few buildings up there. Maybe they pulled in just as the rock obscured my vision of them. I head home without thinking much about it.

Later that night I get the munchies and the only store was back south in the main part of town. So I am driving south this time and come to that same corner.

And I see the same white car, past the rock shrine, coming north towards me. This time I am by the buildings and I pull over and wait for him to pass.

But no car comes.

This is really weird because on the north side there are places a car could disappear but on the south side there is no where to go. Only a steep mountain on one side and a river on the other.

As I ease around the bend…nothing. No car to be seen.

So this sticks with me until one day in October I am teaching a culture lesson about Halloween in the local junior high school. The subject of ghosts comes up and I jokingly say, “Hey, I think I saw a ghost! Do you know the road that goes north with the shrine in the corner of…


Like total panic, girls are crying, guys are shouting, and the Japanese teacher has gone deadly white. Some are literally in the fetal position moaning “stop stop” over and over. I was floored at the reaction.

It seems that the rock was a dangerous place but was unable to be removed because of the shrine without offending the gods there. A white car crashed into it and someone died. People freaked because there was no way I could have known about it.

Link to the place… go see for yourself… if you dare.

15. The H Man

There is a local legend about a campsite I used to go camping at here in upstate New York. Legend says that there is a man they call “The H Man” that lives out in the woods near the campsite. One year a group of boy scouts were camping out there and one of the boys went missing. They didn’t find him until they started packing up to go home, as they were cleaning up and packing up their belongings they found the missing kid. He was dead under one of the mattresses with an “H” carved into his chest. They say when the H man kills campers, he carves an H into your chest. Growing up camping here, all of us kids were terrified of the H man. They said if you go exploring deep enough into the woods you can find his home. Well, there IS an abandoned house deep in the woods we found one time. ( I was shitting my pants ) Creepy thing was, it was sooo deep in the woods but there was no roads leading to it, no paths leading to it. Just a single abandoned house. Sitting in the middle of the woods. If you go camping in Minerva NY, beware of the “H Man”.

16. A Bet Gone Horribly Wrong

One of my friends told me this a long time ago; she heard it from someone else (obviously).

A group of guys, high school friends, make a bet involving a local haunted house. One guy says he can spend the entire night inside of it without leaving. His friends take him up on it, but just to make sure he doesn’t pull a fast one, they insist he be tied to the upstairs banister with a rope. Guy agrees. They tie him up and leave.

Next morning they come back to get him. He’s a little out of it and says it was fine, but that’s all he says. He wins the bet and collects.

Life continues; the friends finish high school. All go away to college except haunted house guy. He stays around in town, moves from dead-end job to dead-end job. He doesn’t go out and loses touch with the others over the next couple of years.

One day the friends hear that haunted house guy has killed himself. This comes as a huge shock and they all have questions. They are all horrified to learn that he hung himself with the rope they used to tie him up that night in the haunted house.

17. Herne The Hunter

My local “If you saw this in the forest, you’d shit yourself” character. A Man, riding a black horse, flanking alongside him a Dog and an Owl overhead. However…the Man has antlers (in some illustrations, it’s a stag skull for a mask with the antlers attached. Other variations show him with actual antlers from his own skull) and a glow surrounds him which happens to be blue… Spooky. He has a horse..it’s a nice horse, it likes mints. He has a dog with him who only could be compared to Mr Pickles and a Horned owl (not actual horns) and has glowing red eyes. He carries with him his hunting bow, a heavy metal chain and a large horn. There are many variations of his story but overall he’s not going to come and kill you in your sleep. In short this was meant to be an actual man who had a job as a hunter and then either died or killed himself and his ghost (summed up with all the craziness above) roams the night.

18. The Woman At The Door

Buckle up folks…here is the only sort of urban legend, etc. that I ever came across. One of my friends back in college lived about 20-25 minutes outside of town in between my college town and a neighboring small town with several of his friends.

One Sunday evening at about 10pm, they heard an unexpected knock at the door. One of the guys checked the peephole and saw a woman, and immediately something felt off so he went to his room to obtain his gun and then opened the door. The woman was filthy and disheveled and immediately pleaded to come inside. Hesitantly, they let her in and asked why the fuck she was 10 miles from the next town and knocking on their door at night. This woman, albeit frantically, explained that people were looking for her because she had ran away from a cult in the next town that had been systematically abusing kids for decades. One guy calls her shit and she proceeds to pull out a stack of creepy polaroids of individual children that look almost like booking/intake/mugshots in front of a bookcase.

She told them that the cops were involved and covering it up and that they couldn’t under any circumstances call them. This woman asks for a ride into town to get on a bus so she can travel to this “attorney” she has been in contact with; doesn’t need money, doesn’t need anything but a ride to the bus station and sealed lips.

For whatever fucking reason, my friends agree to take her into town and drop her off at the Greyhound station. One gave her his number and said to update him when she got herself together. They drive all the way back to their house and immediately succumb to the paranoia and agree that it would be best to call the police.

A couple sheriffs and a couple cops from the next town over show up and question them about the woman’s appearance, where they took her, what she said, etc. Well, they lie and say that they simply took her into town and dropped her off in a grocery store parking lot and make no mention of the children, the cult, etc.

The cops take their report and all leave, except the two policemen from the small town COME BACK and proceed to grill the everloving shit out of these guys about exactly what the woman said, where they took her, why they gave her a ride. They were really aggressive but when nobody had any information to provide them, they gave up and left with instructions to call them, and only them, if they have a similar occurrence.

Never heard back from the woman, never got another visit from the cops, never saw anything in the news.

Wimberley, TX.

19. The Faerie’s Tree

Ireland here so this will be good I promise.

My father used to be an Archaeologist, in the time of the Celtic Tiger.

While building the new motorway from Cork to Dublin they came across a tree. And this bloke Eddie Lenihan aSeanchaí tells them that they cannot cut down the tree because it is where the fairies of Munster and Leinster do battle.

They took no notice of him.

When it came time to cut the tree down, the man who’s job it was to do it, was walking towards the tree.


Two months later, the man who they brought in to replace him died of a car crash on the way in to his first day on the job.

They left the tree alone. TC mark



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