21 Security Guards Share The Craziest, Most Hilarious Things They’ve Seen On The Job

11. Knock, Knock

So here I am, guarding a Motel 6 at midnight, in a giant city in central Texas. I’ve been on shift for only an hour but I know something weird is going on.

Before I started my night, the outgoing motel employee told me he suspected the police were watching a room in the motel. That’s not really unusual as the motel is used for prostitution on a nightly basis. But as my shift progresses during the first hour, my cheap Motorola radio is picking up huge amounts of interference; which is very unusual. I eventually notice a pickup that has a middle aged man sitting in the drivers seat; its probably the cops so I pretend I don’t see them.

At 12:15 am I’m standing in the lobby drinking some coffee when the phone rings, and the night auditor answered. When she hangs up she tells me the police are here to apprehend someone. I figure that meant a few squad cars at most are going to arrive.

Holy fuck was I wrong. Within 2 minutes, 4 police cars, 2 ambulances, an unmarked car arrive. but the best part is the 6 man tactical team riding in (hanging off a modified F-350). Within seconds the team is moving up the stairs in the most movie perfect way imaginable. I’m pretty sure I have a huge boner at this point (because come on, this shit was awesome).

The team stacks up at a door, smashes a Flashbang through the window (which explodes, causing the building Fire alarm to activate) and hits the room with a battering ram. After a few minutes they drag a guy and his girlfriend out.

A few minutes pass and a detective brings an arrest warrant and a search warrant up to the office and a form to be compensated for the damages. But get this, the guy they arrested had violated his parole. Fuck; what was he paroled for.

Apparently, they didn’t arrest the girl either. And she didn’t have her name on the room. So on top of all this I had to go kick her out of the room. She was crying when I told her, so she just picked up her scattered belongings and carried them out.

That one was entertaining.



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