21 Security Guards Share The Craziest, Most Hilarious Things They’ve Seen On The Job

7. A Weird Rihanna Encounter

I do security at a private airport. We get a lot of big time stars that come in. Well one night at about 3am I’m at my post which is pretty secluded from the rest of the terminal and I hear a bang on my shack. I figure it’s my partners messing around with me so I ignore it. About 30 seconds later I notice some guy stumbling around the parking lot scooping stuff up off the ground. I get out and ask the man if I can help him, he just yells back at me the he’s running late and he NEEDS to get this food to Rihanna. I help him scoop up the last of the food off the ground (gravel included.) As the man hurries off to give Rihanna her food I notice the man has a large gash on his head and is bleeding profusely. I attempted to give him a paper towel but he insisted he was fine. A couple minutes after the man left still bloodied Rihanna came in and I damn near got a contact high emanating from her limo.

8. Best. Security Guard. Ever.

My best story is also my worst. Working security for Target, we had a guy come in and steal a bicycle pump. When we approached him in the parking lot, he had a bicycle with a cart attached. He was clearly homeless, and he was furiously trying to inflate one of the tires on the bike. My boss had already called the cops, but after seeing the man’s circumstances, I couldn’t l let him be arrested, so I ran back inside and paid for the pump myself. When the cops showed up, I told them everything was fine.

My boss was pretty pissed about the whole thing, but I didn’t care. I quit over the BS from the whole ordeal. I don’t regret it one bit though. It was a shitty job anyway.



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